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Sound Healing Evening Relaxation in Limassol

We had some difficult last few months, so let’s remind ourselves to start breathing again, to re-adjust to new changes and realities.
To let go, starting with a brief guided meditation and the use of different instruments, to bring awareness to the very centre of our being.
You will release unnecessary stress and anxiety to allow creativity to flow in your mind and body. You will let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and set new intentions.
What is Sound Healing Journey?
Promoting healing and well-being, the sonic sounds of Crystal and Tibetan bowls together with a gentle voice and other instruments, create subtle vibrations in the body & mind, bringing one into a deep state of relaxation.
Supporting the release of physical and emotional tensions or energy blockages, the experience enhances inner balance while offering a safe space for creating spiritual awareness.
Bring on comfy and warm clothes (as our body temperature starts to fall when we relax). We will provide pillows and blankets, but you can bring your own if you prefer.
When Sunday April 11 at 7pm
Info: 99754881 Antonia
Price: €20 per person.
Pre-payment is needed to reserve your spot
***Due to COVID 19 the group is only up to 3-4 people, with the necessary distance between the mats. If you are interested please drop me a text to hold your spot. Please bring your masks.

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