EUEducationMindful Parenting: free online sessions on January 16&17

Mindful Parenting: free online sessions on January 16&17

This free event is the first session of a series of Mindful Parenting Series: Practicing mindfulness for parents. The intention of this event is for people to come and discover for themselves the benefits one can have from engaging in such inner work and to see for themselves if this is something that can be beneficial for them and their family. It is also our intention that you get something of value out of participating even in only one of these sessions with us. We hope you can join us!

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What this Webinar Will Offer You

– It will teach you how to change patterns of behavior that are not good for you and your relationships.
– Will teach you how to regulate your emotions even in difficult circumstances and how to use mindfulness exercises to assist your children in regulating their emotions.
– Will teach you how to discern between authentic and in-authentic emotions and teach your children to do the same
– Will enable you to understand and transform anger in yourself and teach you how to enable your children to do the same.
– Will teach you how to communicate your feelings without having the conversation lead to an argument.
– Will enable you to gain freedom from your fears in any area of your life and assist you in being able to help your children do the same.
– Will train you to practice mindful exercises and guide you in how to begin practising them also with your children.

DATES AND COURSE SESSION BY SESSION (all sessions take place 9:15-10:30 pm Athens time)

Session 1: Our automatic parenting, the impact and how to transform it – Jan 16th and 17th
Session 2: Being mindful of our automatic patterns and creating new ones- Jan 24th
Session 3: Authentic vs. in-authentic emotions- Jan 31st
Session 4: Dealing with Anger using Mindfulness – Feb 7th
Session 5: Types of Emotional Regulation- Feb 14th
Session 6: Mindful Communication – Feb 21st
Session 7: Transforming Complaints – Feb 28th
Session 8: Dealing and Transforming Fear/Anxiety/Worry using Mindfulness – March 7th
Session 9: Helping our children deal with fear, panic attacks, nightmares and phobias – March 14th
Session 10: Healing the Past/ Creating a New future- March 21st
Session 11: Moving Attention from Ego to World- March 28th

When Sunday, January 16&17 at 9.15am
Online event
Duration 1 hr 15 min

Course by Mindfulness for Kids and Life and Natalie Zannettou

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