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Ristorante Bacco

It is truffle season at Ristorante Bacco, at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos, and until Saturday, November 19, this delicious ingredient, so often associated with Haute Cuisine, will be the star feature on the restaurant’s menu.

The white truffles – or tartufo bianco as they are known in Italy – served at the unique restaurant, come directly from Alba, and feature heavily in the exceptional creations of Head Chef, Theodore Andrea.

Start with honey scallops, served with mashed parsnip and truffle, followed by veloute soup with artichokes and pasta in truffle mascarpone, flavoured with lime and sunflower seeds. Refresh the palette with a fig and cassis sorbet before moving on to a main course of fish fillet with a hazelnut crust and truffle gnocchi served with wild mushrooms. Meat eaters will be delighted by the tender beef fillet with rosemary Truffled “Rostis Bernois”, Marsala Jus and seasonal vegetables.

For the finale, try the amazing Dark Chocolate Mille Feuille, or a fantastic tasty “sculpture”, signed by talented Pap Tibor Robert, the Executive Pastry Chef of the hotel. The menu is accompanied by delicious wines from the Kyperounta winery, chosen with expertise by sommelier John Stefanidis.

Elysium Hotel, Queen Berenice, Paphos, tel. 26844444

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