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Life is a Beach Bar

From the loudspeakers the summer hits can be heard, colourful cocktails land on the sand and we, after a refreshing dip, enjoy the scenery, like a dream we never want to end. These 11 + 1 favourite beach bars on the island have just opened and are waiting for us.


The lounge bar/restaurant that restored the degraded Mackenzie, opened its deluxe sunbeds, set the all-white tables and welcomed its first visitors. You will go there early in the morning, order your iced coffee and spend your day with uplifting beats and photogenic crowd. Apart from the all-day beach fun, Ammos is very famous for its excellent food, where you can enjoy it in an idyllic environment until very late in the evening. In the menu you will spot imaginatively sushi platters, such as, the very filling Ninja Mix Combo, the colourful Samurai Maki Roll, the Geisha Sashimi Mix with raw tuna and salmon fillets or the Mango Pango with dressing from mango and caviar. From the main menu the dishes that are distinguished, are the beef steak Cowby, but also the lamb spare ribs that are marinated with lemon, olive oil and rosemary and they are served with homemade sauce of mustard and a fresh pure of forest fruits. All of these are combined with exotic and imaginatively cocktails, among them, the brand new Amaretto Sour and El Patron with tequila, pomegranate juice, vanilla syrup, fresh lemon and Campari.

Paralia Mackenzie, Larnaca, 24828844.

Sirena Bay

Even if you will not book a trip for holidays this year to a Greek island, do not worry. The Sirena Bay at Protaras will travel you mentally to the Aegean with the surrounding trees, colourful chairs and fleeting mood. The menu includes grilled food, salads and seafood (squid, octopus, sea bass etc.) but also, amazing cocktails, for example, Brandy Sour, Mojito, Cuba Libre, Bloody Mary, and Daquiri, while for every weekend of June they have organized different events with well-known DJs for parties that will be unforgettable in your memory.

Vryssidon 115, Protaras, 97776922.

Columbia Beach

Since the first day of its opening it has become the place-to-be (every) summer, because it has been notable for its services five star and the famous scenery in front of the sea and around the swimming pool. This season has come refreshed, to elevate our morale with the very refreshing Bellini, Aperol Spritz and the cocktails are served in a coconut or a pineapple. In the menu, new dishes have been added such as, the Cuban and Caribbean Sandwiches, the mojito prawn tacos, the brie cheese salad, the tomato gazpacho, and the risotto with scallops and asparagus and these are preceded from the chocolate and caramel cake, the red velvet and the ice cream with kumquat and crispy praline with pistachio.

Promaxon Eleftherias, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, 25321500.

La Isla

The outside place of Limassol’s all day spot, has strewed its tables and its tropical umbrellas and therefore, it welcomed the summer with the light blue scenery of the sea and the blue of its swimming pool, in its elevated terrace. In the menu you will find plenty choices of appetizers such as spicy crispy squid, crab cake, salmon tartar and beef Carpaccio, salads, fishes, seafood and different shells (from fresh lobster and oysters), pasta, different kinds of grill food, burgers, sandwiches and starting platters that you can share with your friends, such as, the platter of the fisherman, or the platter of meat and the platter of wine with cheeses and cold cuts. At the Healthy Corner you will identify the chef’s healthy choices, for instance, bowls, wraps, salads, fresh fruits, vegetables or cereals. Among the plenty cocktails those that are distinguished are the signature Captain Zombie with rum, passion fruit, apricot brandy, Falernum, lime and juice from red grapefruit and the Hot and Spicy Lover with vodka, red chili, pure from peach and juice of grapefruit. Do not hesitate to order from very early in the morning – we have been through so many difficulties so we deserve it.

Leoforos Amathountos 17, Limassol, 25310310.


The beach bar that makes the round all across the world with its epic parties with the most famous DJs, has lowered the tones for a while. Currently, we are going to Guaba to chill on the sunbeds that are near the sea or in its colourful swings in a very tropical scenery and we order the Guaba Yuzu Cocktail with mango, yuzu and grapefruit. Until the current circumstances allow us to reach again the dance floor with electro, house, trance and techno music.

Amathountos 7, Limassol, 96340000.


It is the beach bar that gave – finally – a different aura at Lady’s Mile. The Aplostra Restaurant-Beach Bar got the name literally from its beach, and by giving us something different from what we have used to in this area. A very elegant space with ethnic character, comfy chairs, sofas and spacious mattresses that serves exotic cocktails and shishas. The menu consists healthy options such as, salads, homemade dips and fresh fishes and seafood. We loved the brusquest with mozzarella and pesto, but also, the Aplostra Salad, with dried figs, tomatoes, coconut, pomegranates and strawberries.

Paralia Lady’s Mile, Limassol, 77776999.


The most important element is its location, just behind the Nissi Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus. In front of the five star hotel, on the very white sandy beach and among all the palm trees, there are gazebo with pillows, curtains and the fabric sky where you will enjoy your cocktails or a detox drink and therefore, spend your day. The food that provides draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean Cuisine with gourmet tastes. In this season, we will taste a crispy squid with carob dressing, olive tapenade and basil pesto, the amazing lobster pasta and the very refreshing salad with smoked aubergine and leaving for the finale the wonderful orange cake with vanilla ice cream.

Leoforos Nisi 77, Ayia Napa, 23204197.

NOA Beach Seafood Restaurant

The Famagusta Nautical Club, where we spent the summers of our childhood, was transformed into a stylish space, with minimal decorations, comfortable sofas, sunbeds under wicker umbrellas and excellent food. By giving emphasis on the fishes and seafood it serves homemade dip such as humus with avocado, salads with superfoods and seafood, freshly shellfish, sea bass and tuna tartar, sashimi and tataki, tacos with tuna and tomato dressing, crunchy croquettes from trachana, kalamaki (souvlaki) with lemongrass on grill, pastas and meat. If you cannot choose from the plenty choices of the menu, you can order mezee either the Seafood or the Shellfish and therefore, you can try a bit of everything.

Promaxon Eleftherias 2, Agios Athanasios, 25324056.


The beach bar near the beach Pantachou, near the port of Ayia Napa is one of all day spot with bar, high tables, sofas, sunbeds and shishas underneath the wooden roof and the palm trees, while it serves frozen cocktails, smoothies and juices, salads, burgers and souvlaki and of course you can enjoy these either in the terrace or at the sandy beach. These days they have inaugurated the brand new venue Ukiyo Sushi Bar, with fusion dishes from the Japanese Cuisine and prototype recipes of sushi with freshly fishes, seafood and vegetables that they are just made in front of your eyes.

Sklavou 8, Ayia Napa, 99529497.

Lighthouse Surf and Turf

The menu of this restaurant has as a main inspiration the European Cuisine with eastern influences, offering creative seafood and quality meat. From pastas with prawns and mussels, sushi, terrine with octopus and scallops, tuna tartar with green apple, wasabi cream, black sesame and onion to beef tartar made by Black Angus fillet with quail eggs, capers and mustard. All of these while enjoying the view of the sea, with a colourful cocktail all made up with clean alcohol, fresh tropical fruits and ingredients that are created in their place by the talented bartenders.

Georgiou A’ 106, Germasogia, 25313808.


A beach bar completely different from the others has launched a few years ago in Latsi with very playful decoration, colourful hammocks and youthful mood. Apart from its very famous thematic parties, with tributes to the 80s and 90s and the events with DJs, the Island constitutes a very stable choice for both for the locals and the vacationers in the area, for coffee, food, and a drink just near the wave. It offers a whole range of cocktails, beers and wines while burgers, pizzas, pastas and seafood.

Leoforos Akamantos, Latsi, Paphos, 96725592.


It was a hidden secret that we kept for many years now. However, it has leaked and Marcello’s Beach Bar is now a popular spot, with people from all over the island flocking to this crystal clear beach of Ayia Napa and making huge queues in front of the bar in order to order drinks, iced coffees and its snacks. Since last year the place has been expanded so that it can meet the new needs, coming right back beginning of June and it will offer a range of different cocktails such as, Pina Colada, Mojito Cuba Libre and Brandy Sour but also, beers from microbreweries, among them our favourite Shockwave Pale Ale, from the Cypriot Radical Way Brewing.

Kriou Nerou 4, Ayia Napa, 97828554.

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