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Koutourou Ouzeri

Coffee shop by morning, cookery by day, and ouzo bar by night. The Koutourou Ouzo bar and coffee shop – in a beautifully restored 19th house – in Paphos is changing face three times a day, but the denominator stays the same: delicious food prepared by owner chef Demitris Nikolaou.

It looks as if this spot came straight out from an old and narrow ally in Athens, with Demitris’ antique collection hanging from the walls and rembetika songs dominating the repertoire.

The lunch menu is different every day, depending on the availability of fresh ingredients. His burgers, two a piece, and his salmon are both on high demand. In the night, the scenery changes with smaller dishes, each one with a unique touch by Demitris himself. Some of our favourites include three-cheese stuffed peppers, cheese and olive oil from Crete, braised spaghetti, tweaked halloumi cheese and pita with leaks and mushrooms.

25 March 8, Paphos, 26952953, Monday-Sunday 11:00-15:00,19:00-01:00


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