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Antigo Juice and More

A refurnished place has just opened in the heart of Paphos ready to mimic the healthy choices. The retro decorations with the very earthly colours, the wood with the metal and the bric-a-brac objects and antiques are creating the perfect atmosphere. There you will find different kind of both warm and cold drinks, choices of Smoothies, fresh juices and homemade lemonades but also a range from different teas. The menu includes snacks, such as yoghurts, healthy oat bars, salads but also, sandwiches where you can make one of your choices. The enormous range of vegetables, meat and fish are offered in order to make your own rich meal with the goal of the healthy and balance diet, a way that many people are willing to live in a healthier lifestyle.

Paphou Chrysanthou 46, 8010 Paphos, 26955025, Monday to Sunday 7:00-22:00.  

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