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Vino Cultura Wine Bar & Cellar

This elegant wine bar, a Nicosia staple, with committed customers, lovers of its warm atmosphere, their creative taps, as well as their huge wine list, does not need any recommendations. But since I’ve been there recently, why not share my experience?

When we usually go to Vino Cultura as a large group, we order the cheese and cured-meet platter, but since this time I was on a date with my husband we decided to try their tapas.

We started with the spinach salad, which was tasty and served in a generous portion. The sweet earthy beetroot with fresh basil vinaigrette matched perfectly and gave an intensity to the food. The creamy goat’s cheese, besides giving a velvety flavour to the salad, created a nice contradiction with the crispy croutons and walnuts.

We also tried the crispy black bread with squid ink, romesco sauce, marinated mushrooms and miso aubergine, whose description on the menu impressed me. As always when something impresses me in paper, it is not as good in reality. The aubergine was neither bad nor good. It was cooked well and its presentation was elegant. However, I did not spot any flavours that attracted my attention, or maybe I just have a different taste.

What I really enjoyed were the lobster ravioli. You could spot a deep umami flavour in their filling, combined with rich buttery flavours in the sauce. It was a very discreet combination of Italian and Asian cuisine, without trying to be fusion. For me the dish was a harmonious marriage of two tasty worlds.

The focaccia with pumpkin, courgette, ricotta and mozzarella tasted like a fluffy, crispy pizza covered with loads and loads of cheese. For cheese lovers this dish is heaven.

Our last choice was the mullet fillet with black tempura with squid ink, corn mash and smoked bacon. It was an interesting dish with intense sea and smoky flavours. Maybe it needed a certain freshness to balance the flavours out, however I still believe that it had a unique taste.

For dessert, the very nice waiter suggested the blueberry yoghurt, which reminded me of a cool panna cotta, which had a sweet suprise hidden in its interior: a miniature sponge cake with blueberries.

The next time I visit Vino Cultura I’ll make sure to order some of their set-menu tapas to try a bigger variety of dishes.

Besides the food, what is definitely worth mentioning is their wine list. For the real, hardcore, wine-lovers, but for those who know nothing about wine but still drink it, this bar is a real wine-paradise. Their rich cellar (more than 1000 labels) was created by the world-known sommelier Andreas Kyprianou.

Once can choose between rare and unique wines, either to enjoy them with company there or take them home.

On the day of your visit, ask them about the offer of the day or consult their Facebook page.

Kyriacou Matsi 20, Nicosia, Monday-Thursday 10:00-13:00, 18:00-01:00, Friday-Saturday 10:00-14:00, 18:00-02:00, Sunday 18:00-01:00


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