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Verde Caferesto

Verde’s rustic decoration overflows with positive energy. The management’s decision to keep the cafeteria separate from the other venues of the mall, adds comfort or better, a lack of pressure to eat fast because there are no families waiting for you to finish so they can take your seat.

After our first visit to Nicosia Mall, we decided to do our best to avoid the crowds and to enjoy our lunch in peace. We started with smoothies because they looked delicious. My husband ordered the Ginger Beets with beetroot, pineapple, wild berries and ginger, which was very fresh, nutritious and refreshing.

I had the Pineapple Sunset with papaya, pineapple and mango, which was just as tropical as it sounds. Basically it’s the smoothie you would have drunk on a Caribbean seashore, so it’s perfect for those who have already begun to feel nostalgic for the summer.

For the main dish, I ordered the grilled pork steak with thyme and honey. It was huge, juicy and soft. My husband had the chicken penne with prosciutto, spinach and riccota sauce. It was tasty and filling, full of well combined flavours in a creamy dish.

Enough though about the main dishes, because the highlight were the desserts. We took 15 minutes to decide what to order, as there were countless options (waffles, crepes, ice creams and a whole separate dessert bar). We finally picked the Craze Waffle, which was a red waffle with white chocolate, nutella, cookies, strawberries and the now-popular Chocolate Dome.

The waffle was divine. The smell of vanilla covered you like a soft blanket and tied very well with the sweet and sour strawberry.

The Chocolate Dome, gave us a sense of luxury and craft pastry. You should make sure that you take a video of the moment when the hot chocolate melts and the liquid brownie in the centre of the dome is revealed. What to say? Chocolate on chocolate, on chocolate. And as if this isn’t enough, there are tiny meringues on the side and berries and strawberries.  It was unbelievably delightful, rich and super-chocolatey.

The coffee and cocktail menu is also full of choices for those who wish to relax after their shopping.


Madritis 2, Nicosia Mall, 22000050

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