Urban Vibes

From the very graphic old mansions to the very modern spaces and to the inside yards of the neoclassic up until the pavements of the city center, below these are our ten favourite open air restaurants that they will give different elements of our nights in the city center.

Da Paolo

This is an Italian tavern with magnificent elements in tasting, in one area where the place refers back to the old times, with a unique classic style and above all, traditional aura. This area near the Ammochosto’s Arch was suitable for this purpose – to reach their dreams, the yard was established right opposite of the main area. One of their dishes is the Italian authentic pizza: very thin dough, on top the Italian mozzarella and few but astonishing toppings and these are coming right after from Italy and from their own old traditional oven. Our favourite one is Piccantem a bit spicy that contains mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, salami, garlic, mushrooms, olive oil, onions and green peppers.

Constantinou Palaiologou 52, Nicosia, 22438538


The gastronomic journeys in the yard of Bastione are continuing and this summer, with this restaurant returning right after the lockdown with a brand new menu that Gregoris Popravkin created. A simple but a very unique menu with decent prices, and more specifically, the emphasis is on seasonally ingredients. From him we cannot wait to taste the ravioli, with the thin leaves of beetroot, stuffed with goat cheese, chives, gel from beetroot, and onion pickle, basil oil and cream from avocado (you can find these in a vegan option as well). You can also find creme brulee with halloumi cheese and jam from figs, or even pork with dressing of stew, pure from sweet potatoes and cream from parsnip.

Athenas 6, Nicosia, 227730025

Koutourou Ouzeri

In the city center of Paphos, and with a building that is established in the renew area, the restaurant of Koutourou Ouzeri is founded with small tables in the outside space and serves exclusive dishes that sense tradition. During lunch time we are choosing one of the four options of cooked food, such as, lentils that are mixed up with barley, onions and olive oil and these all serve with bread that they are baking. However, the atmosphere and the menu during the evening are changing into a more distinctive character. Some of the most famous dishes are the halloumi cheese with honey all baked in the oven, the beetroot salad with tachini and honey, the beef Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and the lamb meatballs with yoghurt. The restaurant is open every evening, from Monday to Saturday, and also, since 9th of June it will reopen again during the lunch time.

25th Martiou 8, Paphos, 26952953

Dionysus Mansion

This restaurant with the plenty high trees and plants, the small fountain and with a unique lightning constitutes an idyllic place for romantic dates. The Greek and Cypriot Cuisines show all the elegance from the menu of Dionysus Mansion that has enriched with brand new tastes. The incredible chicken is cooked with red wine and has a tomato dressing and this dish is served with sun dried tomatoes, the ravioli is stuffed with porcini, sauce from gruyere and truffle oil and also, the chicken fillet includes mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and halloumi cheese and is served with carrot pure and fries.

16th Iouniou 1943 5, Limassol, 25222210 

Bistrot 55

Right behind the Park Beach Hotel and under the eucalyptus trees, Bistrot 55 was established, a gourmet restaurant in Limassol. It is based on the sophisticated dining, its menu includes options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Eggs Benedict, Cypriot shakshuka served in the pan, granola with yoghurt, honey and fresh fruits and waffles with berries and nutella. For lunch, there are options such as, the lemon chicken fillet and the delicious pork steak, the Black Angus rib eye, salmon, lentils and burger. During the evening and especially for dinner, the options differ and start from the scallop tartar up until the roasted cauliflowers, ceviche, grilled octopus, fresh fish of the day and the orzotto with seafood. All of these are served with wine where you choose with the help of the sommelier.

Leoforos Georgiou A’ 12, Limassol, 25212100

Ithaki Garden

One year has passed since the day of one of a brand new place has been established in the city center of Larnaca, with a very green yard and blooming trees, this restaurant serves dishes from both the Greek and the Cypriot Cuisines. Apart from the classic dishes such as, souvlaki, seftalies, steaks and sausages, it includes astonishing dishes such as, the traditional specialty of Pylio that contains traditional sausage with colourful peppers, mushrooms that are aromatic with thyme and oregano, pickled octopus with an ouzo meze and constitutes of options of appetizers and especially for two.

Zenonos Kitieos 64, Stoa Kouppa, Larnaca, 96233690

To Anamma

It is a hiding one garden in the very cosmopolite Ledras, with passion fruits, trees with lighting and ample plants, therefore, these create a unique and friendly atmosphere. At Anamma you are going especially for souvlaki and for traditional mezes, kleftiko and all the other variety of food that are all cooked in their traditional oven, and among with them very brand new recommendations. If you are vegan, do not turn your back on them. There you will find among other things, a vegetarian mousaka.

Ledras 89, Nicosia 22210200

Skinny Fox

This restaurant has just returned after quarantine with a brand new refurnished place, by putting their tables outside until the Themistocli Dervi Street and creating an urban atmosphere with an outside bar and has a very characteristic red floral wallpaper. Apart from that, a renew menu has been created with fresh summery options, such as, shrimps popcorn, the burrata salad, chicken tandoori and the beef fillet that are combined with the very summery cocktails of Pornstar Martini, Sting Ray and Mrs Charm.

Menandrou 14A, Nicosia, 22256070


The most important aspect for the success of a place, is the owner to see the customers like his friends. Polys Poliviou spreads everyday his positive vibes and aura at DOT, where the tables are outside near the pavements and serves the coffees, the drinks and the dishes from early in the morning until late in the night. Apart from his fresh summery options, an astonishing price has the dish of black tagliatelle with shrimps, zucchini, tomatoes, and a spicy dressing of tomatoes and the sea bass with basil pesto and pure of celery root. If you ever visit for brunch do not lose a chance to order scrambled eggs with grilled zucchini, chives on top of bread from quinoa and chia seeds.

Athenas 6A, Nicosia, 22101228

Estiatorio Bemba

If comfort food is the food that fills with enjoyable emotions of nostalgia and safety, therefore this time we need good shots of Bemba that has return to fill our hearts with love. In the garden with the light blue windows, the taste and the aroma that are coming through their kitchen, are reminiscing those afternoons that we spent at our grandma’s house with our family, while the owner, Thomas Bekas is always taking care for our best experience. The thing that differs from the rest restaurants in the city center is that the menu is being altered everyday with dishes, such as, grouper and whatever comes fresh every morning. From our table these dishes that are made in their traditional oven will never be missed: the spinach salad, avocado, beef with rocket and parmesan and the grilled octopus with pesto from olives.

Pindarou 2 A-Γ, Nicosia, 22252626


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