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Happy Hour

 by Pieris Panagi

Following the recent booming of several coffee shops, Cyprus has drawn attention to bars that offer a list of amazing cocktails blended with huge dose of imagination and accuracy of ingredients, aspiring to deal effectively with clients’ high demands.


  1. At Lost + Found Drinkery, which is listed as one of the 50 best bars worldwide, you can try ‘Three of strong’, a special combination of spiced rum, passion fruit, Aperol and homemade Demerara oil lemonade.

Lord Byron, 38, Monday-Thursday 18:00 -12:30, Friday -Saturday 19:00 -1:30

  1. The Old Souls bar is considered one of Nicosia’s latest hot spots, where you can grab a  signature cocktail- Captain’s Breeze is only one among many- and enjoy compelling DJ sets.

Stasandrou 7, Nicosia, 97850475 Tuesday -Thursday 18:00 -1:00, Friday 17:00 -2:00, Saturday 19:00 -2:00, Sunday 19:00 -1:00

  1. Close to Old Souls, there is LOLA bar, or the place to be for fine drinking lovers! LOLA’s experienced bartender Constantinos Dheere is responsible for the exceptional cocktails, based on original recipes retrieved from all over the world. For example, Martinez is a wonderful, all-time classic gin-based cocktail that definitely steals the spotlight!

Stasandrou & Iras 10Α, 22422412, Tuesday -Thursday, Sunday 17:30-1:00, Friday-Saturday 18:00-2:00


  1. At Madame Bar in Limassol you can enjoy masterful cocktails such as Papua Paradise, an extremely tasty low alcohol drink of milky texture, full of intense, tropical flavors.


  1. Old Market Street bar is a little gem hidden in the heart of Larnaca, that serves signature cocktails such as Skaliwtis- a vodka- based best seller-, enriched with mastic liqueur and green apple. Here you also order Blow, a gin-based cocktail with fresh basil, lime and cool mango foam. Kleanthi Kalogera, 51, 94011011, Tuesday- Sunday 17:00 -2:00.

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