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The Nomad Bar Food Experience is coming

      ‘Nomads · populations where the strategy for survival is mobility to detect scattered exploitation resources, groups of hunters… shepherds… traders… roots… perception and way of life! You and I’

At the heart of the detection of our roots and where we come from, a new dining space was created based on simplicity. Through a raw performance of the materials, NOMAD BAR FOOD EXPERIENCE offers various accommodation corners in low and high tables, sofas, wooden boards reminiscent of Vikings & Venetian taverns, dining tables but also, pillows on carpets that are transporting us to the Middle East.

The very green garden with its artistic lighting and the imposing view of the Venetian walls of Nicosia together with the atmospheric musical investment, aims to penetrate our inner world and to create dreamy feelings.

The NOMAD BAR FOOD EXPERIENCE is hosted at Chateau Status and opens early in the afternoon with ‘searched’ drink labels and creative cocktails while the suggestions on delicacies take us on a journey with their spices and ingredients apart to the Mediterranean to other more distant destinations around the world.

As the creator of the space, Paris Christofidis, explains, the visitor through the NOMAD experience can travel anywhere he feels and become whatever he wants… and maybe he will meet himself as he started…


Markou Drakou 12 (opposite from the Ledras Palas Hotel), Nicosia +357 77771167



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