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The best burger joints in Cyprus

I can only congratulate the creator of one of the planet’s best foods: the honest burger, which with the right preparation can turn into a wondrous gastronomical experience!

Burger Shop

Whatever is prepared with love, can only be successful and Ektoras and Nikos put their heart in what they do. The meat they use is Black Angus beef, which they import via plane twice a week. A whole 10 kg piece is made into a patty at the spot and served to the customers.

They offer 3 sizes of beef or chicken burgers (leg or breast) in five different combinations, local fries and dips. Also, their falafel burger is a family recipe. There are rumours that they have a secret menu for the very hungry… Just ask them!

Aristotelous 9, Nicosia, 22100499, Monday-Sunday, 12:00-22:30

San Pedro

When his classmates were playing football and flirting with girls, Andros was cooking. He worked in a number of restaurants until, during a trip in Los Angeles, the stars aligned and he tasted the perfect burger. He then started his own food truck, until he could not handle the demand and opened his first restaurant.

For Andros, a burger needs three things: quality meat, correct technique and the appropriate sauce. In his menu, we find ten different combinations, with the Campfire Burger and the San Pedro stealing the show, accompanied with local fries.

Spyrou Kyprianou 99, Larnaca, 24105090, Monday-Saturday, 12:00-23:00

Venezia Pizza

Flavours that bring back childhood memories. It is impossible to find someone from Kaimakli or the wider Nicosia hasn’t tried Kotsios’ burger. A big, homemade Cypriot patty, either beef, chicken or pork, with tasty herbs in a sesame bun with cheese and ketchup and fries, plain or with cheese. When it comes to price, there’s no competition!

Kotsios also sells frozen burgers for you to take home. Be aware that your order will be ready in the legendary “20 minutes”.

Nikolaou Th. Ioannou 54, Kaimakli, Nicosia, 22439209, Monday-Sunday, 17:00-23:00

The Fat Bull Co.

In its 1.5 years of operating, this joint has managed to create a fanatic support. Each brioche – of their own recipe – includes two patties (100 gr each), made with a 100% local beef from selected farms, baked medium to well done – although the owner Alexandros suggests medium – with their own homemade sauces.

You should definitely try the Fat Bull with cheese, bacon, iceberg lettuce, pickled cucumber, onion and baconaice and bbq sauce and the XS with cheese, bacon, caramelised onions, lollo iceberg and BBQ, blue cheese and sriracha sauce. The juicy Hot Chick fillet with cheese, lollo iceberg, coleslaw and blue cheese sauce is also worth a try. Their sweet potato fries and their rosemary fries are perfect!

Steliou Kyriakidi 27, Limassol, 70002737, Monday-Saturday, 12:00-15:00, 17:00-22:00

Serial Griller

In May 2013, Giorgos started roaming the streets of the capital with his blockbuster food truck. Today, the Serial Griller is house in the Kyrenia town hall and makes American-style burgers witch quality local meat with a few herbs, fresh Cypriot potatoes and a wide variety of sauces imported from Belgium.

His signature Serial Burger with cheese, bacon, caramelised onions, and BBQ sauce as well as his best seller, the Tennessee which is flambeed in bourbon on the grill with bacon, fried onions and BBQ sauce are musts. You should also try the hellish New Orleans with chilies from Giorgos’ backyard, bacon and cheese.

Markou Drakou 8, Nicosia, 70007127, Tuesday-Saturday, 19:00-23:00

Roof Burger Bar

Located in one of the most privileged locations on the Cypriot coastline for a dinner with wonderful cocktails and a breathtaking view. Their burgers are handmade from 100% Angus beef and served with fries and coleslaw. Their classical burgers are joined by gourmet burgers such as the Smokey with smoked scamorza cheese, caramelised onions, truffle mayo and rocket and the Blue Cheese with Portobello mushrooms, blue cheese and caramelised onions.

The Cock-A-Doodle Do with breaded chicken and cheddar cheese, as well as the Crispy Tuna Burger with fried tuna, guacamole, sesame, mirin sauce and baked tomato are lighter choices.

Grecian Sands Hotel, Kryou Nerou 44, Ayia Napa, 23721616, Monday-Sunday, 18:30-23:30

Olives and Burgers

Even hardcore meat lovers admit that the burgers here are not only filling but they are also incredibly tasty. The Olive burger made with olives topped with fried onions, tomato, lettuce and tahini, the BBQ Protein Powerhouse with quinoa, beetroot and beans topped with BBQ sauce and the Epic Veggie with peanut butter and quinoa, topped with pickled cucumbers and coleslaw and tahini will impress you.

They also serve homemade black Angus beef burgers made with lean meats and a chicken fillet burger with tomato and lettuce. All their burgers are accompanied with a side of oven baked potatoes and salad. Olives and Burgers prove that health and taste can go together!

Prodromou 37D, Nicosia, 7777447, Monday-Friday, 07:00-16:00, Saturday, 09:00-16:00

Jemms American Steak Bar

Excellent quality street food in a simple space for those who know how to enjoy their food. All their burgers are made with fresh USDA beef and fresh chicken fillets. Simple, no nonsense menu, without surprises and flavours that will definitely leave you satisfied.

I personally believe that for someone to understand how good a food is, they must try it in its purest form, so I recommend the Cheeseburger with lettuce and sauce and the American Burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce and sauce. Order a meal with fries, coleslaw and a soft drink.

Archbishop Makarios III, Larnaca, 24659665, Monday-Saturday, 12:00-23:00, Sunday, 18:00-23:00

Artisan’s Burgerbar

Passion for creative, handmade, high quality burgers in classic combinations with a modern twist. Artisan’s Burgerbar use fresh meat and prepare the patties daily, with their secret recipe, on spot. The No.1 with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and tomato and the No.11 with fried egg, crispy pancetta, gruyere cheese and rocket will leave classic burger fans satisfied, while the No.3 with blue cheese and dried figs and the No.5 with camelised goat’s cheese, fried peppers and thyme are for the more adventurous.

The Shrimp Burger and the super crispy, homemade crisps made with seasonal vegetables are delicious alternative choices.

Stasandrou 20, Nicosia, 22759300, Monday-Sunday, 12:00-22:30

Limoncello Deli-Bar

Dining in the picturesque Ayios Antonios Municipal Market, next to the traditional little shops with their colourful boxes is an experience on its own. If you add 100% USDA black Angus beef burgers on brioche buns, with freshly cut fries, coleslaw and sauce then have everything you ever wanted!

Although I usually prefer “purer” flavours, the Lamburghini with Cypriot lamb and beef with spicy tomato relish, fried courgette, aubergine, fresh spinach, feta and cumin mayo is incredibly tasty! The Noble Aussie with 100% fresh Australian Wagyu beef with brie cheese, truffle mayo and rocket is finger-licking good.

Ayios Antonios Municipal Market, Nicosia, 70009787, Monday-Sunday, 12:30-15:00, 19:45-23:15

By Natassa Georgiou

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