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Sinners Tequila Bar

Imagine if you are in a courtyard at Mexico and you hold a glass of tequila or a mescal! The first tequila bar has just opened and it welcomes us with its more ‘sinner’ drinks. Random decorations, bright red and very elegant paintings with the theme of ‘day of the dead’ are creating this lively Sinners Tequila Bar in the capital. You should try the ‘Saint of the Sinners’ with mescal with syrup of agave and bitters angostura and orange, but also, the ‘El Rojo’ with jose cuervo, syrup of agave, liquor of apricot, juice of lime and strawberry. They are served with an impressive way and with nachos.

Athenas 16-17, Nicosia, Tuesday to Thursday 17:00-01:00, Friday to Saturday 17:00-03:00 and Sunday 17:00-01:00.


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