Sexy fish is not actually a tavern, not a fish restaurant either! This Nicosia newcomer is here to introduce us to a totally new, fresh concept, without reminding anything else similar in the city. As the owner, Andreas Hadjistefanou, explains, ‘Sexy Fish’ aspires to shake things up with extraordinary fish dishes coming with a modern twist, such as the seafood moussaka or their famous salma. All meals are carefully cooked to perfection, made by fresh, selected materials, preserving the quality of ‘Souxou Mouxou Mantalakia’ that was previously located there. However, ‘Sexy Fish’ has the undeniable advantage of value for money, since the most expensive dish comes at €14, while you can enjoy the‘magic platter’ for €19 only.

Onasagorou 45-47, Nicosia


Monday- Saturday: 19.00- 23.30.

(Stay tuned, as Sexy Fish is going to be open from 17.00 soon, with happy hour)

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