The popular rotisserie chain, originating in Thessaloniki, has finally arrived in Nicosia.

As a fast food restaurant focused on quality ingredients, Savvikos uses only fresh meat from Cypriot farms and stores nothing in the freezer. All its dishes are prepared on spot. Its employees even prepare the mince.

The food is then baked in an over with wood charcoal using the 70 year old secret family recipes.

The large variety of choices in its menu is impressive but quite tiring. I would have preferred a smaller menu.

Their standout option is the gyrlou, chicken or pork, either cut in pieces or in a portion with Eastern spices served in a classic or Arabic pitta.

You will also have the chance to try yiaourtlou, pork and chicken souvlaki, sandwiches in french baguettes or handmade pittas, beef or turkey burgers and a variety of salads. There is also a Cypriot influence as they have halloumi and Cypriot sausage in the menu.

Vegetarians can try the Veggo, a handmade burger made with fresh courgette and the Manitou which is made with white mushroom. Two very interesting choices that I’d like to try in my next visit.

Prices are moderate and the space is cute, with two outdoor areas.

Overall, I liked Savvikos because it offers a different take on meat in a pleasant environment! Their love for authenticity and tradition is evident and you will taste it in every bite.

Welcome to Cyprus Savvikos!

Evripidou 25, Engomi, Nicosia, 22276276




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