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The most atmospheric hangout spots

If you are looking for a good reason to leave home for food or drink, get ready to discover some of the most atmospheric hangout spots on the island. These are our suggestions for the cold nights of November.

Skinny Fox

The London aristocratic decoration wins you over from the first minute. The reason for Skinny Fox, one of the most famous hangout spots in the capital. In a completely romantic and warm atmosphere you will try amazing dishes such as beef fillet accompanied by French fries with truffle and a juicy ravioli with foie gras. Alternatively, head to the large central bar and choose the most delicious cocktail menu of your choice, including drinks, excellent wines and anything else you enjoy.

Menandrou 14, Nicosia, 22256070. Monday to Sunday 10: 00-01: 00

Korniza Baroque

One of the most special shops in the capital, it is housed in an old mansion and located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas. Its distinctive feature is the retro-oriental decoration, an element that is pervasive throughout the surrounding area and with the Omerye hamam located just opposite. Its large long and narrow bar will welcome you to enjoy relaxing moments while drinking your favorite drink or cocktail. It is worth trying the bites of the hour that are made there.

Soutsou 9, old Nicosia, 22104077. Monday to Saturday 10.30-02.00

Vino Cultura

One of the places-to-be of Nicosia’s nightlife. Where good wine meets the romantic atmosphere and low lighting with gourmet flavors. The main feature in the decoration is the large wine cellar, one of the richest on the island, where hundreds of wine labels are housed. There you will find a selection of white, red and rosé wines, several of which are also offered in a glass. Spanish culture is evident both in the atmosphere and in the menu, which hides delicious tasty dishes, dishes that promise to tickle your palate.

Kyriakou Matsi 20, Nicosia, 22 676707. Sunday to Thursday 18: 00-24: 00, Friday to Saturday 18: 00-02: 00

The Winery

Ever since he appeared on a busy street near Ledra, has made a sensation for its elegant and atmospheric space that perfectly matches the architecture of the surrounding area. Its decoration makes you feel like you are in a traditional winery with modern elements. You can enjoy your drink in the inner courtyard with the low lighting, while you should not forget to try the delicious tapas that are served.

Lykourgou 7, old Nicosia-Ledra, 22511925. Monday to Sunday, 10: 00-02: 00.

Mousse All Day

This is the new entry of the capital. This hangout that recently made its appearance is an ideal choice for relaxing at any time of the day. The day can start nicely with a coffee, go with lunch or dinner in the evening and end in the early morning with cocktails or wine, which you will choose from its meticulous menu.

Giannou Kranidioti 6, Nicosia, 70001131. Monday to Thursday: 7: 00-24: 00, Friday 7: 00-01: 00, Saturday 9: 00-01: 00, Sunday 09: 00-24: 00.


If you like season series and you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you will definitely love it. Its cozy space gives you the feeling that you are in the hall of a castle since inside the stone, wood and metal are the protagonists. You can choose one of the two bars and enjoy your drink there. In the catalog you will find a wide range of wines, signature cocktails, as well as a variety of dishes from the Greek and fusion cuisine that are served daily until late at night. In addition, the music nights that are organized from time to time, give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite songs in a romantic atmosphere by candlelight.

Agios Neophytos & Kiti Kyprianou, Limassol, 25828282. Tuesday to Thursday, 18: 00-01: 00 & Friday-Sunday 18: 00-02: 00.

Marina breeze lounge bar

How would you feel if you enjoyed your favorite drink or meal while gazing at anchored boats and gazing at the sea? You can experience such a special experience in the modern space of Marina breeze lounge bar which is literally on the water, on the east side of the Limassol marina. There you have the opportunity to try dishes that are served daily as well as suggestions from international and fusion cuisine. Do not hesitate to try the wonderful cocktails, such as Zombination, with rum, lemon, lime, pineapple juice, passion fruit puree and aromatic bitters. He noted that thematic evenings with various types of music are often organized.

Limassol Marina, 25051230. Monday to Friday 10: 00-02: 00, Saturday to Sunday 09: 00-02: 00.

Dionysus Mansion

With cozy elements such as stone and fireplace inside, but also with excellent tasty suggestions, the bar-resto of Limassol is one of the best food options in town. Its welcoming and warm space will make you feel familiar at once. Do not leave if you do not try the stuffed chicken with halloumi, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms, served with gruyere sauce. He noted that on weekdays he plays lounge and house music, while on Fridays and Saturdays the rhythms go up with the music choices of the DJs.

June 16, Limassol, 25222210. Monday to Saturday, 12: 30-00: 00, Sunday 13: 00-24: 00.

The Belfry

This is one of the recent arrivals in the city. It is housed in a renovated old terrace in the busy area of ​​Agios Lazaros. A bright space with modern aesthetics and alternative elements in the decoration. There you will enjoy your coffee in the early afternoon, then you will try alternative tasty options while you will complete your experience with one of the cool cocktails or some other drink of your choice.

Pavlou Valsamaki and Mehmet Ali 5, Larnaca, 99 872100. Monday to Sunday 10: 00-1: 00.

The Blue Pine Bar & Restaurant

It is housed in an elegant old building, in a corner of the old part of town. One of the most famous bar-restaurants in Larnaca, which managed to maintain its quality and establish itself as one of the most timeless hangouts. For the cold winter nights, the large fireplace challenges you to relax near it, enjoying your food or drink, while it is also an ideal destination for romantic outings.

Louki Pieridi 3, Larnaca, 24646553. Sunday to Thursday 12: 00-2: 00, Friday to Saturday: 12: 00-3: 00

Noir Tapas and Bar

An elegant with modern touches in the decoration but also with a dose of Spanish culture, located in the heart of the city. It offers a wide range of separate cocktails that you can combine with its tapas. Whether with friends or with your partner, Noir Tapas and Bar is a good choice for any occasion.

Makariou Avenue 4, Paphos, 26 220737.

Piedra cafe-lounge bar

In Spanish, “piedra” means “stone”, which is the main material used in the renovation of the site, in one of the most idyllic areas of Paphos. Its menu hides pleasant surprises, while the locals also visit it for its cocktails, such as Baby Love and Zombie 2018, which are also the must options. From time to time events are organized with DJs as well as nights with live music.

Agora Street, Paphos, 97762090, 97859133. Monday to Sunday, 08: 00-02: 00.

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