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Research: Here’s the scoop

The mercury hits red, people spending their time on the beaches and we breathe a sigh of relief, stopping for ice cream at our favorite patisseries, cafes and ice cream parlors.

Colors Café

The Four Seasons cafeteria has returned refreshed to the beautiful courtyard around the hotel’s swimming pool, serving its homemade ice cream and creations as it does every year. Salted caramel, tiramisu mascarpone, apple pie and pina colada are just some of the original flavors you will find on the menu, which you can combine with the syrups of your choice. Alternatively, let the experts grow, mixing ice cream with pastries, chocolates, fruits, cookies and nuts. The Summer Refresh consists of strawberry and lemon sorbet, marinated strawberries, salad of citrus and fresh cream, Grand Cru Chocolate from chocolate ice cream, brownies, thick chocolate sauce and chocolate leaves and the Yoghin Rosso from yoghurt ice cream, forest fruits, almond cookies and crispy meringue.

Four Seasons Residences, 67/69 Amathou Avenue, Agios Tychonas, Limassol, 25858000.

Gelato Mio

With flavours such as Farin Lacte which is also the most popular, Pastelakki, Watermelon with Halloumo, Mahalepi and Galaktompoureko, Limassol ice cream shop has managed to stand out from its first day of operation. On the menu, which is constantly enriched depending on the seasonality of the products you will find the flavours of Vlach Milk, Lebanese Kadaifi, Marshmallow, Profiteroles, Bueno White, Morning Coffee, ice cream with fresh pomegranate juice and 10 other sorbet flavours. All are fresh, homemade and made with quality ingredients.

Anoikodomiseos 26, Agios Athanasios, Limassol. Spyrou Araouzou 21A, Palio Limani, 25001365.


Michalis Kalopesas has welcomed the season with his famous signature ice creams. Made exclusively with quality ingredients, they cover all traditional flavours, such as mango sorbet, strawberry sorbet and rose vegan sorbet, vanilla and caramel while there are also alternatives such as millefeuille ice cream with vanilla cream and caramelized puff pastry.

Chrysovalantou Bakery, 2 Lycabettus Avenue, Nicosia, 22819555.


The Greek patisserie which is famous for its stuffed Thessalonica tsourekia now serves an enjoyable ice cream that is made in its workshop. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cream, mastic with yoghurt, honey and walnuts are some of the flavours that are famously combined with apple pie, chocolate pie, chocolate soufflé and caramel tart.

28hs Oktovriou 20-22, Engomi Nicosia, 77777797.


Decorated with edible flowers, such as violets and begonias, gold leaves or even whole fruits, Uluwatu Speciality Coffee ice creams have gone viral on social media. But apart from their original appearance, they are also made with loads of love, pure ingredients and organic quality milk, with many vegan options. Favourite flavours are cheesecake espresso, nutella, caramel and chocolate, as well as mango and strawberry sorbet.

Anexartisias 10, Limassol, 25222191.

Liotatis Lotier

The well-known patisseries did not stop sweetening us during these difficult days. Now they do it with their fresh ice creams, with flavours like cheesecake, snickers and Kinder Bueno. We choose the classic ones, which add the necessary – summery- note to their delicious sweets such as, Red velvet with white chocolate and raspberry or the Crunchie cake with extra caramel sauce.

Patras 6, Larnaca. Archbishop Makarios 64, Frenaros. April 1, 77, Paralimni. 77777705.

New York Sweets

Small bites that send you straight to paradise. There is no other way to describe the New York Sweets’ ice cream with flavours such as snickers, biscuits, cheesecake, and chocolate with cherries, almonds or peanuts and yoghurt with pomegranate. There you will also find perhaps the best mocha ice cream on the island, as well as dark chocolate with orange.

Nikis 3Γ, Nicosia, 22493737. Makariou 116A, Limassol 25368506, 25311716, Griva Digeni 47, Larnaca, 24627770, 56 Eleftheriou Venizelou, Paphos, 26944855.

Regis Ice Cream

Regis ice creams have been ‘grown’ for generations and generations. Who does not remember the choc ice cream, the mouflon cone and the orange water ice on a stick? And while some things remain stable and unchanged, such as pure and quality ingredients, the company is innovating with new flavours such as Orange Nipple with chocolate syrup, mini-bites and sugar-free mastic and raspberry, which are in line with the trends of the new era. In addition to the refrigerators, where you will find the classic and new options, you will find a wide variety of ice cream.

Ledras 73, Nicosia, 22877930.


With a history of over 80 years, the favourite ice creams continue the same sweet tradition, creating with the purest ingredients the classic flavours that they have established them. They now produce more than 30 flavours of ice cream, as well as yoghurt ice cream, ice cream for diabetics and water ice. Our obsession, in recent days is the refreshing Cherry Sorbet made with fresh cherries, without milk, fat and minimal calories but also the fruity yoghurt with watermelon.

Ledras 110, Nicosia, 22664198. Grigoris Afxentiou 165A, Agios Dometios, 22664523.


With French homemade ice cream from the hands of their French pastry chef, Napolea is the favourite ice cream in the area of Protaras and Ayia Napa, with vacationers swearing eternal faith in its special flavours. Who wouldn’t go crazy with a Black Forest, Cheesecake and Brownie, a bream brulee with caramel or a refreshing sorbet with lemon, strawberries, raspberry or rose?

Leoforos Nisi, Ayia Napa, 99380611, Fig Tree Bay Beach, Protaras, 23832896.

Pahit Ice

It all started with an Italian traditional recipe which a Florentine ice cream shop gave to a young Cypriot. The recipient, Christos Pachitas, with his return to Cyprus in the late 70s, has founded Pahit Ice. With hard work, he edited the recipes, by adapting them accordingly for big production and therefore, introduced Pahit Ice to the Cypriot Market in 1981. People loved, and still love the unique range of flavours established by Pahit Ice, giving it a leading role in the market for more than 30 years. Among the signature creations are the Exotic with chocolate sorbet, raspberry, mango and lemon, The Festive with strawberry cheesecake, vanilla and coconut and The Artist with chocolate, hazelnut, Bueno and Coffee Chocolate Chip.

In all cities.


Their ice cream is made with fresh milk, cream, eggs, and fruits without conservative and that is just one of the reasons it has been fascinating for years. The Vanilla Loacker Mix with Nostalgia vanilla Madagascar ice cream, Hazelnut Praline and Loacker Pumpkin White chocolate, fresh strawberries and black cookie are just some of our favorites.

28hs Oktovriou, Makedonitissa, Nicosia, 22351554.


A high quality homemade ice cream, in dozens of inspired flavours (see Green Apple, Rum&Raisin and Unicorn) that has been refreshing for years both the locals and the tourists who are enjoying themselves in the port area. Ideal combination of chocolate and flavoured ice cream, caramel or mocha with the bubble waffles with garnish of hazelnut praline.

Apostolou Pavlou 114, Port, Kato Paphos, 26933769.

La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie

Their dark chocolate sorbet has been famous for 9 years in Limassol as well as the gelato Twix, Salty Peanuts, Lion, banana with caramel and Maltesers, Fruit Selection combining ice cream and fresh seasonal fruit, Chocoholic with brownie, walnuts and dark chocolate ice cream and children’s favourite Georgiana, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, smarties and chocolate sauce. Its sibling at Nicosia Mall managed to keep the bar high, offering sweets and ice cream that look like works of art. Madritis 2, Nicosia (Nicosia Mall) 22570581.

Old Port, Limassol, 25750666. Archiepiskopou Makatiou Γ with Spyros Kyprianou, Mesa Gitonia, 25750665.


Häagen-Dazs was founded by Reuben and Rose Mattus at Brooklyn Heights, New York in 1961, with the first boutique Häagen-Dazs opening in 1976. Today, the company’s network has more than 900 stores worldwide, including Cyprus, with unique recipes and more than 24 flavours of ice cream. This summer they returned with a playful mood, offering us ice cream creations that combine ice cream with fresh fruit, cookies, sweets and nuts in cones, cups or on the plate.

Athenon 77, Finikoudes, Larnaca, 24664460. 21 Spyrou Araouzou, Old Port, Limassol, 25510700.
















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