Eat & DrinkNicosiaPindarou, the gastronomical capital of Nicosia

Pindarou, the gastronomical capital of Nicosia

What do you fancy? A healthy breakfast? A filling lunch? Or an elegant dinner? A coffee with your friends or your laptop? A dark bar with great cocktails to take your date? A natural ingredients traditional shop? You can find all these on Pindarou street, in Nicosia!


A dreamy restaurant which normally should have been in a mythical forest, ready to welcome princesses which decided to run away from the palace. Don’t worry if you’re not a princess, everyone is welcome here.

At Cookshop you will eat great food, made with love and talent, you will receive great service and will escape from your daily routine. Although the menu often changes, it is worth trying the excellent beef liver served on almond cream, green herbs and mandoles (nougat).

Pindarou 6Α, 99012307, Monday-Saturday 12:00-15:30 (lunch) και Friday 19:00-22:30 (dinner)

China Spice

Since it’s opening in 2003, China Spice has had great success. The contemporary, minimalist style and modern decor with white linen blinds, dark wood panels and a colorful aquarium, create a perfect setting for the ultimate dining experience. The open space and glass windows suit those who want to ‘see and be seen’, whereas the intimate corners are for those who want ambience and privacy. Many choose to dine ‘al fresco’ overlooking the bamboo and lush green shrubs and trees.

The food is superb, with only the finest ingredients used to create both traditional and innovative dishes. The wine list is carefully selected to complement the wide variety of dishes, with a selection of wines from all around the world.

Every Tuesday, you can enjoy China Spice’s rich all you can eat buffet from €18, picking from 12 different dishes such as crispy vegetable springrolls, crispy prawns, chicken satay, crispy  duck or sweet & sour chicken. Exquisite food at a reasonable price makes China Spice one of the best choices in town for a memorable experience.

Pindarou 26, Agios Antonios, Nicosia, 22875875

Artisan Burger Bar

Go big or go home. This would make a reasonably accurate motto for Artisan’s itself! You will absolutely need to visit Artisan’s because here you will have the opportunity to enjoy various delicious burgers. With fresh ingredients and carefully crafted selections, Artisan’s puts a modern twist on everyone’s beloved classic burgers.

Stasandrou 20, Nicosia, 22759300


A new arrival in the capital, a brunch restaurant on the corner of Ayia Eleni and Stasandrou street, is a tasteful, minimalist space with a great feel.

Owner Theodoros Psaras says that the name — nom, repeated three times, represents the noise someone makes when eating something really enjoyable.  Nom nom nom therefore for delicious breakfast/brunch in the capital. The menu is very interesting and offers breakfast options, bread, mains, egg dishes, salads, and desserts. The Greek chef Nikitas Pyrgis who has worked in Mykonos and London oversaw the menu, which the Cypriot chef Theodoros Eleftheriou cooks.

The menu is special and attractive without being tiring or excessive. Some suggestions include the Light Benedict eggs with light yoghurt sauce with turmeric and the Yummies, a bowl of sweet potatoes, Cypriot sausage, halloumi, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, rocket and poached egg.

The main dishes include salmon, mini chicken and beef burgers, all served with delicious sides such as the chickpeas with goat cheese, walnuts, cucumber and coriander. To finish off there is a choice of four desserts. The pana cotta dulce, with caramelized white chocolate, rum and brown sugar. Also the baked apples with nuts are absolutely superb.

Ayia Elenis and Stasandrou 3C, 22777077

Bottega Amaro

Nicosia’s new and stylish all day bar restaurant, is a top choice. With exceptional Italian decoration and a range of selected recipes such as beef tartar with truffle, grilled tuna or cod, complemented by the great assortment of black beans, there is no doubt: Bottega Amaro is here to stay!

Pindarou 14, Nicosia, 22777270, Monday-Sunday, 9:00-00:00

Old Souls

The Old Souls bar, considered as one of Nicosia’s latest hot spots with lively atmosphere, industrial decoration and world-beating drinks, offers a great alternative to the more crowed clubs of the city. Killer playlists and a unique late-night spirit will make you think that this place is a step back in good, old times!

Stasandrou 7, Nicosia, 22319119


LOLA bar has a presence in Nicosia since 2013, standing out for its retro/ industrial vibe, the friendly staff and of course, an amazing menu of cocktails and food, including delicious homemade pizza, freshly chopped salads or rich platters! You love vodka but you cannot also resist to gin? Or, you cannot simply make a bold decision between sweet and sours when it comes to your favorite cocktails? No problem, because at LOLA you have to ability to choose from a vast list of brilliant drinks, all carefully blended by experienced bartenders. Definitely, LOLA is the place-to-be if you want to chill after work.

Iras 10A, Nicosia, 22422412, Tuesday-Sunday: 18:00-02:00

A Kxoffee Project

A κχoffee Project, created by Christos Soteriou and Maria Flouri in Nicosia is a truly unique art deco hangout. They won customers over with their passion for good coffee and the beautiful setting with warm colours in wood, blue and white, reminding you of a  chic minimal London coffee shop. The in house roaster, a massive machine where they roast the coffee, is a prominent feature here. Coffee beans come from selected farms with quality control, which give coffee its unique aroma and flavour. Coffee espresso is the main factor for all coffee served at the A κχoffee project, while at their brew bar the origins and character of each coffee will determine whether it will be prepared on the Chemex, the V60, the Aeropress, using cold drip, etc. Options for food include the granola bar, freshly baked croissants, homemade pies and bagels. Before you leave, get yourself a bag of beans and a grinder to make coffee at home.

29D Pindarou, Nicosia, 99 559 776


A friendly tip: If you want to eat at Beba, call to book now so they can get you at least on the waiting list! This is a hot tavern, a talk of the town, all the rage and everything you can think of. The atmosphere of this shop is warm and sweet and the food really good. Try out the delicious kontosouvli, the beef in the charcoal, the liver with paprika and the fava with Cypriot Louvana. Don’t miss out on the pistachio caramel.

Pindarou 2, Nicosia, 22252626, Monday-Saturday: 18:30-23:30


A charming cafe that does a proper Sunday brunch at Faneromenis square in Nicosia.  You’ll find the likes of clafoutis with blueberries, eggs cooked to suit your taste bud, such as the Mouson special omelette, the classic Benedict eggs, poached eggs,  Croque Monsieur and its ‘female’ version Croque Madame. If you are all about tradition –how about the Cypriot Mouson dish with halloumi, locally produced sausage, fried eggs, oven baked tomatoes and toasted bread. Accompany your meal with coffee tea or juice. If you are visiting during the evening hours try the Mouson Mimosa or their famed Mouson Bellini.

14, Mouson, 22 664444, Nicosia

Bakali Shop

The heaven for lovers of organic ingredients.

It looks like a modern alchemist’s workshop who will make you special filters for facials, cellulite, physical exhaustion and even sexual desire! Yes here you will find everything: organic cosmetics, traditional Cypriot products, homemade care products, aromatic teas, essential oils, herbs and many more.

Bouboulinas 14A, Λευκωσία, 22665503, Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00, Wednesday and Saturday 10:00-15:00

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