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Pinakothiki Restaurant

I recently visited the Leventis Gallery in Nicosia because culture is trendy (let’s pretend that I didn’t sleep during the Marriage of Figaro).

In our visit there, we gazed at the wonderful paintings, the museum itself and the best museum gift shop we’ve ever seen (i dare you to go there and not buy something).

On our way out, we noticed that the museum’s restaurant looked different. I don’t know how… It looked like it lost weight, like it cut its hair, what can I say? I promised myself that I should try it as soon as possible. So, when I had to see my editor to discuss the month’s schedule we met there.

The restaurant’s interior matches the museum perfectly. It’s minimal without feeling cold. We sat outside because the weather was nice and we ordered. I got the eggplant salad with grilled vegetables, tahini and orange vinaigrette for a starter. It came as a beautiful, well-groomed three-story tower. I mixed all the flavors, the sweet-sour dressing of the greens along with the puree and the pieces of boiled vegetables. It was a very tasty tower.

For an appetizer we tried the beef carpaccio with beetroot, hazelnuts and ginger vinaigrette, which was good and definitely fresh, but I found that it was missing something, maybe it was too distinctive for my taste buds. As a third appetizer we ordered the cuttlefish with white taramosalata, smoked paprika and lemon confit.

For me, that was the best part of our lunch. Cuttlefish was soft and enjoyable, and the taramosalata was delicious.  As a main we shared the veal with wild mushrooms, truffles and mash potato. It was a simple and very good dish. The potato was velvety, the veal was very tender, the wild mushrooms and the truffle oil smelled wonderful.

We finished with a delicious, tea that smelled incredibly and combined it with a chocolate ganache with passion fruit and raspberries. It was a very nice combination and I will try it again next time I bring the kids to take in some culture.

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Monday-Sunday: 09:30-17:00, Wednesday: 09:30-23:00

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