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Pantopolio “Kali Orexi”

We don’t need an excuse to visit the Pantopolio “Kali Orexi” (Vasileos Pavlou 7,  22675151)  But his new summer menu and the fact that he has put his tables outside in his beautiful garden was reason enough to go for a fine evening.
We sat on the white chairs and the polite waiter explained the new dishes to us. The chef has created a menu with fresh ideas that show that he knows how to make the best of his ingredients and create tasty combinations. The salad with the baby rocket, tahini and lountza was a pleasant surprise. The same goes for terrine of red lentils served with sauce and Florina peppers, the pastry roll filled with pureed cauliflower and leeks and the yellow pumpkin tart with hard cheese and bacon.
Even the traditional stuffed vegetables – a typical summer dish – acquire a different character at the Pantopolion.  The filling in the stuffed tomatoes “Allios” (with a twist) is placed on a dried tomato and inside while the horseradish salad adds a twist. This is what I like about the Pantopolio. They could serve classical Greek flavour with a Cyprus touch.
It would still be popular. But they don’t hesitate to experiment and to try new combinations. There is a freshness in the interpretation and in the new additions to the main addition. Of these, the chop with Commandaria and apricot sauce melts in the mouth. But the dish that won me over was the chicken with spinach and shrimp sauce served with a tasty orzo. Very balanced. Special reference should be made to the wine list. Comprehensive, with good labels sold at very good prices.
In the end, order any dessert. Of the new ones, try the light small baklavas with pistachio cream, the nice chocolate crème brulee and the macaroon made there and accompanied with masticha and cherry spoon sweet. It the ideal end to yet another superb evening at the Pantopolio “Kali Orexi”.

Vasileos Pavlou 7, Nicosia (behind old GSP, 22575151)


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