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Outside Tables

We became gardeners, builders, bookworms, educators and now, after two months of quarantine, it is time to find our good old self. To meet up again with our friends in cafes and pubs and to relax in the most beautiful courtyards of the city, which brought out tables to give us some of their coolness.

Technopolis 20

A wooden sign at the entrance, between the green fence, betrays the existence of the hidden garden, in the beautiful neoclassical building of 1920, which houses the cultural space of Paphos. Although, the restrictions for the festivals have taken place and prohibited the artistic program, its owner Markella Neokleous and Marina Symeonidou adapted the new restrictions and therefore, their yard with roses, basils, and the rosemary trees, has opened for the public and includes one of our coolness choice for our morning coffee in the very renew city center. In an enormous space with light music, we are choosing out from immense choices of coffees, homemade drinks, for instance, the cold lemonade, Louisa tea and peppermint tea, pastries and different sweets that are making that specific day in order to serve them warm and fresh.

Leoforos Nikolaou Nikolaidi 18, Paphos, 70002420, Monday to Saturday 09:00-13:00

Lazaris Bakery Bar

A team from young people have managed to take us back in time and to reminisce us the authentic, traditional Cypriot hospitality. With this goal we are choosing one restored mansion in one of the prettier places in the center of Larnaca. They serve traditional Cypriot breakfast, with fried eggs, sausage, tomatoes and olives, breads that they are making, and traditional pizza, scrambled eggs with tomato and feta cheese, sandwiches and omelets. The day is continuing with different kind of snacks that are offering until late in the night, where beers and cocktails are taking place of coffees, where rakomelo is the most famous choice.

Agiou Lazarou 37-39, Larnaca, 24655700, Tuesday to Sunday 07:30-24:00


Hided in a small street in one of the most graphic area of Nicosia near the Ammochsto’s Arch, the coffee shop Apomero constitutes an oasis in the capital where it is open since early in the morning until very late in the night. The first person you will meet as soon as you arrive there is Mrs. Antroulla, where these days she is making the wonderful machalepi where she serves it with ice cream just like her orange pie and the rest of her sweets. Apart from the homemade sweets and pastries, you can order coffee, either cold or warm, from Cypriot to cappuccino, beer, wine or ouzo.

Polyviou 24, Nicosia, 97848155, 99358919, Monday to Sunday 10:00-23:00. On Tuesdays is closed.

Lola Bar

The melody of Lola is created from the DJ of Remezzo Restaurant and Mykono’s Bar while the talented bartender, with his magic moves, makes his cocktails, combining all kinds of ingredients, alcoholic beverages and special garnishes. For this season emphasis will take place on gin and tonics by combining every gin with the right herb (such as the Mediterranean gin with Mediterranean herbs) and fruits (fresh and dried) personalized to the tastes of each customer. We have tried and therefore, we suggest you the imaginative Lono Makua. One tiki cocktail, spicy sweet, that combines rum and gin, where they are infused with their own tastes and garnish with dessert and ground spices.

Stasandrou 15, Nicosia, 22422412, Sunday to Friday 17:30-02:00, Saturday 18:30-02:00 and Monday is closed.

Kala Kathoumena

It was founded in 1996 and since then its small tables in the stoa or at the back of its place that are always full, either it is winter or summer, with its guests relaxing there for hours, chatting, playing backgammon or just glimpsing the crowd in Faneromeni Square. Apart from the coffee (Cypriot or anything else) this place serves homemade coolness lemonades, beers (Cypriot and others), orgeat  and the famous drink that is made from cinnamon where you will never find this anywhere else.

Nikokleous 21, Plateia Faneromenis, Nicosia, 22664654. Monday to Friday 10:00-23:00

Yellow Café

After a day full of beautiful images, ample doses of sea and vitamin D at Molos in Limassol, we are always end up at the all-day café-restaurant Yellow, where we can relax in the comfortable chairs by looking at the blue setting that stretches in front of us. The menu includes coffees, juices and cocktails such as, the Amaretto Sour, Yellow Mai Tai, Hugo and Apple Martini and gin and tonics, and plenty choices for breakfast, lunch and desserts. We are choosing the custom made pancakes where you can create them by choosing the base (waffle or crepe) the dressing and the toppings.

Molos Limassol, 25342642. Monday to Friday 08:00-01:00

New Division

The most famous yard in the capital, and probably is the best choice for a night out in the capital under the current circumstances. The 250 square meters allow this yard to host 125 people where a part of this place will work with reservations. The different music choices have never disappointed us, while it offers a range of beers, both drought or in bottles, but also the cocktails that have been amazing since last summer.

Vasilissis Freiderikis 2, Nicosia, 99366966, Monday to Sunday 20:00-02:30.

Brew Fellas

This pub is in the heart of the old city is concentrated on one goal: to offers us the best and the rarest beers, from every corner of the planet. They have not deviated, even in quarantine, since they remained open through their delivery service. Now the time has come to enjoy the yard, the four outside tables on the pavement, by organizing their opening times according to the new circumstances. A necessary condition, temporarily, will be the reservations – the two tables will host a group of people of four, a table will host a group of people of six and the last one will host four solo-drinkers. Every reservation will have a duration of two hours.

Pygmalionos 7 (at the end of Ledras Street), Nicosia, 22264007. Sunday to Wednesday 17:00-02:00, Thursday to Saturday 16:00-04:00

The Home Café

This café-restaurant in the Home for Cooperation, has returned by creating the outside space in the area of the green zone in order to keep the current measures in place. In this time of its closing, they took it as an advantage to create new recipes by representing their renew menu that includes salads, wraps and sandwiches but also delicious desserts.

Spiti tis Sinergasias, Markou Drakou 28, Nicosia, 22445740. Facebook: @Home4Cooperation. Monday to Friday 09:00-16:30


The best Brandy Sour of the island, with Brandy, lemon, lemonade, angostura bitters, soda and mint, the Anna Banana with gum liquor, lemon, lemonade, mint and water, and the Zivanax with extra lemon and soda are back in this place. Consequently, in the yard of our favourite Prozak, where has just opened to and is welcoming the first guests who they were counting the hours, minutes and seconds to be back here.

Medontos 3A, Nicosia, 22104244, Monday to Saturday 16:00-23:00

The Cookhouse

This hot spot in Limassol is authentic, spreads positive vibes and serves the best brunch in town. We were very lucky the past couple of months that their delivery services were available to us. Andriana Iakovou and her mother, Elena are coming back strongly than ever in the kitchen by making their dishes more famous and also, by offering brand new recommendations. Among them, they are the amazing American pancakes with mascarpone, blueberries and maple syrup, the quiche Loren with cheese and bacon, the bagels with cream cheese and smoke salmon or with egg and bacon, homemade burgers and ravioli, sandwiches and many more and vegan and healthy bowls, such as coconut chia pudding, Matcha Chia pudding and raw zucchini noodles.

Gladstonos 112, Limassol, 25353434. Tuesday to Friday 07:30-16:00, Saturday to Sunday 09:30-16:30.

Kafeneio 11

In one of the prettier areas in the capital, and specifically in the area of Hamam Omerie, there is a beautiful yard that you are coming across as soon as you pass the inside place. The place is stunning for you to spend the day with your friends by staring the plants on the walls and the beautiful bumblebees. We are starting our day with coffee, and then continuing our afternoon with lemonades and then ending our evening with ouzo, wine and zivania that we are combining with different snacks or mezes.

Peiraios 27, Nicosia, 99030985. Tuesday to Sunday 10:30-24:00.

Kafeneio 7 Kleidia

A coffee shop of a new generation with a friendly character, in a beautiful, quiet stoa and in a short distance from the center of the old city. You are going since the late afternoon until the early morning hours and then you will order coffee, ouzo, beers along with platters of different cheeses and meat.

Trikoupi 92E, Nicosia, 22103857. Monday to Sunday 17:00-02:00.



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