Eat & DrinkNicosiaO Proedros (The President)

O Proedros (The President)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President! Thank you, now you can sit … and eat: Greek souvlaki, kebab, lahmadjoun, soujuki, beef sausage, eggs with pastourma, caramelised pastourma, kasserli and many more.

You can also choose combinations of the above dishes according to your appetites simply by ordering the “Presidential” portion if you are starving and the “Vice Presidential” if you want to keep it “light.”

Their salads are worth a try, since they aim to satisfy all tastes (for Nicosians, for athletes, for presidents, for children and for Cretans).

Those with a sweet tooth can try homemade bougatsa, kazandibi, kanafeh and orange pie.

Here, you will feel like a President.

Themistokli Dervi 9



Monday-Sunday 12pm – 12:30am

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