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Nicosia’s Pantopolion

When he was a young boy, Constantinos used to love collecting objects. When he grew up, he turned his hobby into a profession by opening his own shop. At his market, you will find almost everything that is edible: tsounati oil from Crete, noodles in different flavours, trahana -ranging from sweet taste to bitter- Florina peppers, rakomelo (alcoholic drink with honey), sweet fruit preserves, salt from Mesolongi, melissa, honey from Mani, striftoudia (type of pasta), organic soaps, and anything else you can imagine. You can find all these in only one shop, and the name of that shop is Nicosia’s Pantopolion ( meaning “Food Market”. The place is simple yet it was created with a lot of passion. And those wooden shelves give the place a modern flair. Browsing can take forever, since the collection of European products is vast and the owner is never happy without bringing new items, especially from Greece. There are also lots of biscuits and traditional cookies, but the main rule is go for quality without preservatives. And don’t let quality fool you when you reach for your wallet because prices are actually quite affordable and you may also buy in bulk. You can visit or follow the shop’s facebook page to stay informed and in the loop for anything new arriving at Constantinos’ shop.

28 Makarios III, City Plaza Shop #24, Nicosia. Tel. 22 262 162.


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