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Mukta Cafe ‘n Bar Culture by Guru

A fabulous bar for cocktails and light snacks and bites has returned to the capital, with Mukta Cafe ‘n Bar Culture reopening in the space that used to be the Red Bicycle café.

This great little gem is the perfect destination for those looking for a bar with its own identity and as part of the famous Guru chain, the spot guarantees a well thought out collection of whiskey, rum and gin and many other beverages.

The extensive wine selection, meticulously created cocktails, freshly brewed coffees, homemade desserts and delicious snacks make it an ideal choice for those looking for a place for an early afternoon break, after work drinks and high level hospitality.

Vasileos Pavlou & Christodoulou Sozou3, Nicosia. Tel: 96027967

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