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Korniza Baroque

Located behind Hamam Omerye baths in old Nicosia, a charmingly beautiful all day café that turns into a cocktail bar by night has opened up in an old restored manor house. It goes by the name of Korniza Baroque and belongs to owner of 7 Kleidia cafe in Nicosia, Fotis Markakis. In the morning perch in the lovely courtyard and enjoy coffee or choose from the range of herbal teas. In the evenings they serve ouzo, zivania, tsipouro wine, cocktails and beer. The food options include typical bar food including lahmadjoun, sandwiches, halloumi pie, pizzas, cheese platters and French fries with cheese. You’ll hear selections such as jazz, blues, Greek alternative music and DJ sets on Fridays at this haunt. Open Mon-Sat from 10.30am to 2pm.

9 Soutsou, old Nicosia, 22 104077

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