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Isolani Pizza Bar

It’s not easy to be simple. The huge number of choices often gives the impression that eating light is never pleasing. When it comes to flavour, it has been proven time and again that garnishes, added ingredients, and tweaked recipes are not enough to make a dish stand on its own. This applies to pizza, where literature on alternative takes and recipes is limitless but it is exactly what Isolani Pizza Bar wanted to avoid. Here they don’t mess with tradition or taste. This new entry at Ayios Antonios market, right next to lovely Limoncello, is based on a simple philosophy. For the more discerning palates, this concept translates to dough from ‘00’ flour, fresh yeast, water with the right amount of pH, and mozzarella cheese 100% Italian. For the others, Isolani offers an authentic Italian menu that leaves no room for taste ambiguities. After all, quality in basic ingredients doesn’t take a back seat at Isolani. Their focus is on pizza and baking three kinds of pasta, using their handmade oven brought straight from Florence and reinforced with copper in Cyprus. The sauce in beef lasagna is a calling card on Italian menus, where its fine ingredients distinguish it from other sauces. As for desserts, the homemade tiramisu is a hit. We recommend the Rollino al Cioccolato as well, a good choice for two. Keep in mind that wine gets high marks in this pizzeria. And for this reason, the Italian owner is importing it from small wineries in her country, exclusively for its Enoteca Italiana wine cellar.

Tuesday-Sunday 12:30pm 3pm and 7:30pm-11pm

Ayios Antonios market, Nicosia.

Call 70 008 778 for dine in or 22 766 788 for take away.


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