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Great fish taverns to go in the summer

With the summer nearing close and the appetite for tastes of the sea that accompanies the season, we prepared a special guide for fans of fish-eating, in order to give the answer to one of the most hot-burning questions of the days “where can we find good fish?” 


A superstar fish tavern that needs no introduction, as during its years of operation it has registered people’s minds as one of the best taverns of the island, serving taste and high quality food. It is probably the first fish tavern in Cyprus that diverted from the traditional “recipe” and started offering fish in a fine dining aesthetic. Their wonderful garden, is ideal of a colourful rest in the centre of the capital.

Menandrou 5, Nicosia, 22445636, Monday-Sunday 12:30-15:00, 19:30-23:00

Latsi Fish Tavern

Personally, I have no idea how this tavern looks from the inside, as all the times I’ve enjoyed its food, I sat in their cool garden. The first time my friends told me that we were going to Latsi for fish, I thought that they were crazy to drive four hours back and forth just to eat fish. However, then they explained that it will take only 15 minutes, as Latsi came to us. So, since then, whenever I crave fish, a yard and reasonable prices I head towards the Latsi of Nicosia.

Ayiou Pavlou 1, 22790937, Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-15:30, 18:30-23:00


Magiopoula restaurant combines fresh seafood, traditional recipes and a modern environment in order to create an exceptional culinary experience. You can order fish meze at €24 per person, or enjoy more sophisticated dishes such as orange sea bass fillet: the orange flavor coming through subtly with the fish! Lobster pasta is also among our favorite dishes!

Panteli Katelari 16A, Nicosia, Monday-Saturday 12:00-23:00, Sunday 12:00-16:00

Kitsios Tavern

A classic choice for the family whenever we find ourselves at Mackenzy beach. After the modernisation and the rapid “trendification” of the area in the past years, it’s a bit difficult to find the traditional combination of a Cypriot fish tavern: good fish, casts, paper tablecloths, rattan chairs, waiters with white shirts and black trousers and a mustachioed owner. However my friends, this fish tavern has everything. And whenever the traditional Cypriot wakes up in me, I want the whole combination, from the good fish to the mustache, and thank god I’ve been find everything at Kitsios’ since 1987.

Mackenzy Beach, 24653633, Monday-Sunday 11:00-22:00

Zephyros Beach Tavern

One of Larnaka’s classic places to eat fresh fish and seafood. This family business, opened in 1976, and since then it has been serving excellent food. The fish here is provided fresh, daily from local fishermen in the region. Here you can enjoy fresh mullet, kalamari, prawns, sea bream or sea bass, with s a range of salads and appetizers..  Classic meat dishes are also available for those who are not keen on fish.

Piale Pasa 37, Larnaca, 24657198, Monday-Sunday 11:30-23:00

NOA Beach Seafood Restaurant (Limassol Nautical Club)

The club’s history is marked with great athletic achievements in all our water sports, as well as a rich social contribution to the town of Limassol. Since its founding days plays a historic and major role in the development of sailing, swimming, canoe-kayak and rowing with its active involvement as a founding member in the above mentioned water sport associations. Since then the club has been a leader in a huge aspect in all four sports by developing high records with its athletes. At NOA Beach Bar you can enjoy the sea at the organized beach having coffee or food. It serves seafood, Mediterranean and European dishes.

Promachon Eleftherias 2, Limassol, 25324056, Monday-Sunday 09:00-23:00


The most relaxing sound in the world is, without a doubt the sound of the waves. Imagine if this sound was your soundtrack while you were eating fresh fish. Periyiali tavern is next to the sea and is ideal for those of you that want to leave the business of the city behind. Take your family, your partner or yourself and treat them with a tasty “dive” to Cyprus’ past.

Elia Tavrou, Latchi, Paphos, 26321288, Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00

Taverna Mama To Basano

This tavern combines good fish and head injuries. The reason is that before you get in, it is compulsory to throw stones in the sea (and on my head). There is no way to avoid it, as in some surreal way, my children will manage to hit me. This is how good this tavern is. Despite the fact that I leave it every time with a light concussion, I insist to go there again and again, to enjoy their food, their beautiful location, and the majestic, recording-worthy sound of the waves hitting the shore.

Ellados Avenue, E321, Agios Theodoros, 24 323022, Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-24:00

Karas Fish Tavern

When you want good food, follow the locals. And in this case, the locals go to Karas. One of my favourite fish taverns, which did not disappoint me, even for one time, as I always find divine fish and seafood there and good, traditional Cypriot service. I think that this restaurant is a classic choice, one of the few fish taverns where I can order fish meze, as I am confident that all their dishes are tasty, without filling the table with mediocre dishes.

Kennedy Avenue 45, Kapparis, Protaras, 23820565, Monday-Sunday 12:00-24:00

Kalamies Restaurant

The blue of the sea, the white tables, the white sand and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos in the background all together make up a beautiful scenery reminiscent of an Aegean island. In this wonderful landscape you can enjoy mussels, delicious lobsters, shrimps ‘saganaki’ and fresh seafood in Kalamies restaurant in Protaras. Here. The specialty of the shop is the ‘loukoumades’ with halloumi and honey. The grilled octopus served with beans is another favourite. Finally, a sweet surprise dish offered by ‘Kalamires’ is the traditional walnut pie.

Ellinon Street 40, Protaras, 23831145, 99437780, Monday-Sunday 9:00–23:00

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