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Going out this weekend- Restaurants

Solar Kitchen Bar

By Diana Azas

A newcomer that promotes vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Larnaca. A group of 5 friends, inspired by their worldwide journeys, created a restaurant using local, seasonal, organic ingredients. On the menu you will find four burgers (with lentils, fava, chickpeas, legumes), desserts, smoothies and fruit bowls.

Zinonos Kitieos 36, Larnaca, 99223208

Vin Cafe

By Iliana Orphanou

Vin cafe is a new shop located in the old neighborhood of Larnaca offering specialty coffee and selective wine. Vin cafe serves specialty coffee during the day, as well as cold snacks, platters, pizza or desserts.

Georgiou Drousioti, 6, Larnaca, 24333373

9:00 – 23:00

Stasikratous 30

Taste exquisite flavours in a beautiful environment and a cozy atmosphere. Do not miss the black eyed peas’ salad with onion, cherry tomatoes, lemon and salmon, or the amazing ‘Stasikratous’ burger with angus beef.

Stasikratous 30, Nicosia, 22333808

Frankie’s Social

Frankie’s Social is located in the centre of Limassol and serves lunch or dinner. Enjoy an amazing salad with lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, Portobello mushrooms, radishes, croutons and Horseradish, or the crispy sea bass fillet, accompanied by warm quinoa, coconut sauce and baby potatoes, flavoured by lemon and fresh coriander.

Makarios Avenue C 226, Limassol 25354101

Pizzeria 485° Napoletana

Stoa Demetriou 11, Larnaca. 70 000485

By Pieris Panagi

At Pizzeria 485° Napoletana, pizza dough reminds of delicious, crusty homemade bread, made from wisely picked ingredients.  Neapolitan pizza is not to be compared to any other pizza, since it follows a long tradition of 1,300 years. Restaurant’s name reflects the whole procedure of pizza baking in a traditional wood oven, at a temperature of 485 ° C . Pizzeria’s menu is consisted of 11 amazing pizzas. Salamara caught our attention with its bright, salty-sweet tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, chilly and Napoli smoked salami, peppery basil, and a killer crust, while Prosciutto e rucola pizza with prosciutto and fresh rocket is also worth a try with. Our favourite?  Pizza Montagne is an excellent choice, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, onion and smoked pork.

Tuesday-Friday 18:00-23:00, Saturday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

Como Osteria

28 October Ave 353, Limassol, 25582525

Como Osteria is an elegant, refined Italian restaurant, centrally located on the ground floor of the impressive Olympic towers in Limassol, only a few meters away from the beach and a few minutes away from the Enaerios. Here you can enjoy authentic Italian recipes like salmon stuffed tortello or an all time classic frutti de mare pasta.

Monday-Friday 8.00-00.00


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