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“Electric Appliances” Coffee Shop

New era coffee shops have been the answer to designer cafés for some time now. New relaxing spots with lots of character are popping up, with references to decades past, and they are still run under modern management. One of these coffee shops is the “Electrica Eidi” (literally, electric appliances). Such a distinguishable café is the result of a partnership between Emilios Pilavas and Panayiotis Silvestrou, who opened their coffee shop right behind the market (Pantopoleio) in Limassol. The place has a unique warm and retro atmosphere with mix and match furniture from the 1950’s and 60’s. There is also a nice collection of pictures on the walls dating back to the 1960’s. The sophisticated decoration goes well together with the interesting menu. There are all sorts of coffee and an impressive variety in tea – we recommend “spatzia” (sage) with strawberry. There are also zivanomelo ( warm zivania with honey), raki, and playful cocktails like mastic mojito which is perfect now as the weather gets better. You can have interesting bites there, like platters with cold cuts and cheese from Cyprus, Greece, and other countries. And their salads and sandwiches are going to win you over for sure. We especially like the way  this coffee shop handles the fusion of tastes with much success, such as a salad with” katiki Domokou” cheese, sundried tomatoes and cranberries, or a salad with chicken and apricots. A sandwich with anari cheese and sundried tomatoes is also worth a try. The bread has a wonderful aroma, and while it is made at a bakery, it follows the coffee shop’s recipe to the letter. The longer you stay at Electric Appliances, the more you can take in the sophisticated and relaxing music as well. Nice, simple and so boho-chic.

3-25 Ch. Michaelides, Limassol, 25 763 503.


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