Eat & DrinkNicosiaChytron Geuseis: Traditional Gourmet Cookery in Nicosia

Chytron Geuseis: Traditional Gourmet Cookery in Nicosia

The restaurant offers traditional Mediterranean meals prepared with love using local ingredients. Each dish combines bold features of various herbs offering an exceptional culinary experience. Powerful antioxidant properties of the herbs contribute significantly and are considered essential nutrients in each of the recipes of the restaurant.
The place is very popular for both lunch and dinner. There is a big variety of Greek and Cypriot dishes on the menu as well as dishes of the day. The menu features a range of meat dishes such as kebab, pork chops, burgers, and meatballs, as well as plenty of vegetables, legumes and greens.
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Opening Hours:
12:00 pm – 12 am
Chytron 11
Nicosia, 1075
22 261261

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