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Cafe Americain

The Café Americain is a place been open for long with a décor that refers to a French bistro rather than an American brasserie but without a special atmosphere.

I had never visited it until now because of the ambiguous comments I’ve heard. Recently, however, I went with 2 friends, also gourmets.

The menu has interesting dishes with unusual combinations of ingredients such as saffron risotto, artichoke and mango, and mussels with kolokasi. However, the dishes were disappointing. And the green salad, for some incomprehensible reason, was covered with mushroom sauce. In fact, nothing from the menu met our expectations, not even the simple carbonara.

Also, the service was somewhat cold. The chef, though talented and with a great track record in other restaurants, seemed unable to support a balanced menu. It may be necessary to review it with simpler dishes so that more attention is paid to good taste.

Themistokli Dervi 6, 22320390


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