Eat & DrinkLarnacaBrunch- The perfect way to start the weekend!

Brunch- The perfect way to start the weekend!

Top 5 Brunch Venues 

It’s a fact: An increasing number of restaurants in Cyprus are now offering innovative and intriguing brunch menus, whether it’s scrambled eggs, baked omelet, granola, pancakes or colorful salads that takes your fancy. With the majority of cafés and restaurants boasting outdoor seating, you may choose the perfect place to indulge in a long, lazy al fresco brunch! Just take a glimpse of our recommendations and take notes!

The Boys

The Boys, located in the very heart of Nicosia, undeniably offers one of the most sophisticated brunches in the capital. Here, the feast commences with extraordinary salads such as the Red Bean and Mango Quinoa, scrambled eggs, omelet, poached and fried eggs, sandwiches and melt-in-the-mouth pancakes!

Themistokli Dervi 5, Nicosia, 99304425, Saturday-Sunday 9:30-16:00

The Cookhouse

Décor-wise and impeccable sense of urban style: the Cookhouse brings a slice of downtown New York to Limassol, aiming to give a new dimension to the whole brunch ritual!

Top treat: Grilled Banana Bread, stuffed with mascarpone and grilled banana, is the star of the menu. Also, do not forget to try homemade quiche, delicious bagels in three amazing versions, as well as the light yet mouthwatering granola parfaits!

Gladstonos 112, Limassol, 25353434, Tuesday-Friday 7:30-16:30, Saturday-Sunday 9:30-16:30

The Gym

Nicosia’s favorite bar-restaurant offers over 15 charming brunch options to choose from! The Gym keeps things classic with brunch dishes like spinach salad, anari, pie with caramelized spinach leaves and dill vinaigrette, yogurt with muesli, nuts, honey and fresh fruits, Black Angus burgers or pancakes with stunning sides, such as fried eggs, caramelized bacon, homemade mayonnaise and fried onions. You pick and choose!

Onasagorou 87-89, Nicosia, 22002001, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-15:30

Kika’s Garden

Is there really anything better than enjoying a long, lazy brunch outdoors? In Kika’s yard you can enjoy incredible brunch, made of the freshest local ingredients.  Top treats: skillet with fresh eggs, smoked bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and the four versions of homemade bread (pumpkin, honey, tsoureki, village traditional), accompanied by amazing, traditional marmalades! Simple stuff, but made with care and garnished with lots of house-made elements!

Kallepia, Paphos, 99459400, Thursday-Sunday 9:30-14:00

Holy Cow Neocanteen

At Holy Cow the options are creative without being intimidating, since here you can indulge in a morning feast on a budget! Try the Etiquette, that includes two English muffins with butter, marmalade, cheese cream and tea, as well as the Sweet tooth, including three pancakes with cheese cream, honey, bananas and cinnamon or alternatively with nutella spread and strawberries. Last but not least: the Yoghurt granola pot, consisted of yoghurt, homemade muesli, chia seeds, honey and baked apples!

Archbishop Makarios C’ Avenue & Nigritis, Larnaca, 24650114, Monday-Friday 7:30-11:30, Saturday-Sunday 07:30-13:00



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