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Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir

We decided to visit the brasserie “Au Bon Plaisir” because we heard it has moved to Pallouriotissa, Nicosia, and there are significant changes on the menu. This authentic French bistro has a decade-long standing in Cyprus and it has become an integral part of the food scene in Nicosia. It is not much different from the myriad of petit bistros in France, so it offers simplicity and quality in a lovely ambiance, like many of its siblings in the mother country. The new location is an old renovated home, high ceiling, spacious, royal, and red colour which is Au Bon Plaisir’s calling card. Cypriot influence is evident inpine trunks on the walls. The biggest change on the menu, besides offering more dishes, is the “Discovery Menu” on Mondays, which is in addition to the daily choices handwritten on the blackboard menu. This new feature includes choices taken from the main menu but in smaller portions, something like Cypriot meze. According to the loveable owner Gatienne, it usually starts with soup because of the season, then they have appetizers taken from features on the main menu. She was not certain about the choices, because she said they depend on chef’s mood. On our visit, we were hoping the chef was in a good mood. Here is what arrived at our table, one surprise after another: soups in little bowls, onion soup and squash soup garnished with snails in garlic butter, foiegras, quiche, frog legs, salad of course, duck confit, chicken with mushrooms, beef bourguignon with a touch of honey, mussels marinière… the entire repertoire of classic French cuisine. In the end we had a variety of cheese and dessert (total cost €24). We had wine with our cheese, with a seasonal choice of Beaujolais Nouveau. The wine list is extensive, both glass and bottle. We really enjoyed a wonderful recital of French mastery.

87 Larnaca Avenue, Nicosia,

Tel. 96 755 111.


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