Air of refreshment breathes in the picturesque Platanistasa. In a green spot with vines and views of the hazelnut forest, a restaurant has emerged and is the perfect occasion for day trips to the mountains. In the beautiful courtyard you will order Cypriot brunch and they will bring you plenty products from the village, such as, sausages of Platanistasas, halloumi cheese, eggs, bun that is kneaded there, tomato, cucumber, olives and homemade jam, while during the lunch and dinner you can order grilled meat, traditional Cypriot dishes and many more, with gourmet taste such as humus with beetroot. Wine and Zivania of Platanistasa will combine your meal but the biggest surprise comes at the end with the dessert which you cannot find anywhere in the island. The Pombinia with ‘Arbaroriza’ kouli, which they collect from their garden.

Platanistasa, Nicosia District, 95966252, Saturday 11:00-22:00 and Sunday 10:00-18:00.

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