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Bastione Restaurant & Bar

It is one of our timeless favourite, Bastione Restaurant & Bar, in the heart of the old city of Nicosia, is recommended again, presenting a unique, affordable and highly updated menu. Bastione’s uniqueness is resulted due to its architecture with the very imposing stone arches – a trademark – and the atmospherically lit gardens combined with the outdoor bar and refined flavours of the new dishes are here to satisfy even the most selective people. After all, Bastione’s journey may take many years, making it one of the most timeless bars and restaurants in Nicosia, but the journey of the delicious pleasures is endless for the management of the area which after many months of research and experimentation, has returned to introduce us to new flavours that balance around a Mediterranean, Greek and Cypriot fusion.

On the menu, that has the signature of the charismatic chef, Gregori Popravkin, you will find unique dishes such as, ‘Tacos ala alios’ with caviar from olive oil, tomato tartar aromatic with fresh herbs, mizithra cream, black olive soil, capers and tacos but also the ‘altered’ creme brulee that is made with halloumi cheese and fig jam. All these with a background of a list of wines and cocktails because quite simply… no taste takes off the same, if it is not accompanied by glasses clinking and laughing!

You can find Bastione in the old city of Nicosia, at Odos Athenas 6, 1016 and the telephone number is: 22 730025







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