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A kxoffee Project

A κχoffee Project, created by Christos Soteriou and Maria Flouri in Nicosia is a truly unique art deco hangout. They won customers over with their passion for good coffee and the beautiful setting with warm colours in wood, blue and white, reminding you of a  chic minimal London coffee shop. The in house roaster, a massive machine where they roast the coffee, is a prominent feature here. Coffee beans come from selected farms with quality control, which give coffee its unique aroma and flavour. Coffee espresso is the main factor for all coffee served at the A κχoffee project, while at their brew bar the origins and character of each coffee will determine whether it will be prepared on the Chemex, the V60, the Aeropress, using cold drip, etc. Options for food include the granola bar, freshly baked croissants, homemade pies and bagels. Before you leave, get yourself a bag of beans and a grinder to make coffee at home.

29D Pindarou, Nicosia

Tel. 99 559 776.

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