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1900 Bistrot Wine Restaurant

The recent renovation of the elegant 1900 Bistro Restaurant gave the place a breath of fresh air and revived its general philosophy on food. With chef Petro Andrianou at the helm, 1900 serves a highly interesting menu. There are anywhere from 13 to 15 dishes in three food categories. Before the meal, the chef offers small bites amuse bouches as a surprise. Everything is carried out in an impeccable fashion, with lots of imagination with first ingredients, creativity and experimental mood.

We tried the degustation menu, but ordering ahead a few days is necessary for those who fully appreciate culinary tastes. We were made welcome with water flavoured with herb aromas and melon leaves.

And the dishes that followed were small wonders of their own, where presentation is a work of art. As for taste, flavours are not only unprecedented but there is a method to the madness so that they can make that “click” in your memory. For example, the exquisite tiny pizzas, stuffed with aged parmesan cream, tomato powder and micro-green basil, easily make the case. But also stoned mini cacao chocolates, one with yuzu lemon and the other with kaffir lime and mushroom, and another one with rose petals and smoked sea salt, are all exceptional flavours.

Another pleasant surprise was the grilled artichoke with a touch of Tahitian vanilla, artichoke aioli and black trumpet mushroom, and walnut powder, and all came with small edible flowers.

As for main dishes, the Carabinero shrimp was divine, combined with a salty rice pudding and small edible flowers, and the scallops seared in black oil were amazing.

Dinner came to a conclusion with a wonderfully deconstructed Mont Blanc. Let’s not forget that a proper selection from an impressive wine list will seal the deal.

In closing, 1900 is the place where you will try something very special, high level umami flavours.  If you are not sure when you should go there… just go whenever you wish to awaken your palate.

11-13 Pasikratous, Nicosia  22 667 668.


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