Toy Box

Forget the bars that you knew! The Toy Box is unique and impressive. As soon as you will enter this place you will glimpse at the enormous bear that dominates the place while many other unique decorations of the bar. The bar opens early of the day so you can enjoy a coffee and continues up until late in the evening with the most playful cocktails that are suitable with the philosophic thought of the bar, such as, gin and toy, violet champagne, passion toy, berry box, kinky Friday. There are also, platters of different cheeses, fruits and meat with you can accompany them with your drink and the light music but also, dynamic choices that inspires you for dancing every weekend.

Saripolou 22, Limassol, 99291126, Tuesday to Wednesday 17:00-01:00, Friday to Saturday 17:00-02:00, Sunday 17:00-01:00.


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