Ta Piatakia

Ta Piatakia is standing out in a crowd, leaving behind the most common model of conventional restaurants; it would be better described as an endless gastronomic journey.  The owner, Roddy Damalis, a valuable contributor to contemporary Cypriot cuisine with a long experience of 30 years in the food industry, is here to provide a memorable dining experience for his guests, using local products and ingredients and transforming traditional recipes giving them a modern twist. The unexpected combinations, based on international food trends (without abandoning however the long-lived food tradition of the island), allow the exalted Cyprus’ cuisine to raise to a higher level. Fact: Once you enter Piatakia, forget the food you usually eat at local taverns and get ready to delve into unique, culinary experiences, enjoying meticulously prepared dishes such as the subtle and delicate Chevre Souffle with goat cheese and toasted almond, the savory smoked salmon cheesecake or the duck draped with green walnut preserve.

Nicodemou Mylona 7, Limassol


Monday- Saturday: 18:00-23:00

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