What does Pokéloha mean? The name of the shop comes out of the combination of the words “poké” which means cut pieces in cubes and “aloha,” the Hawaiian greeting.

Pokéloha offers an easy and fast way to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with the materials of your choice, the unique Poké bowls! First you choose the size of the bowl and the base you want between 4 choices: sushi rice, quinoa, wild rice or vegetables. Then choose the protein of your choice between miso tofu, shrimp, chicken, raw tuna or raw salmon.

Then you marinate the ingredients in a sauce of your choice and add vegetables and fruits like cucumber, mango, edamame, peppers, coriander, corn, red onions, fresh onion. Also you can choose one of five menu sauces and toppings like cashew nuts, pomegranate, crispy rice, crispy toasted onion etc.

Agiou Andreou 223, Columbia Plaza, Limassol


Monday-Thursday, Sunday 12:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-23:30

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