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Malindi Beach Bar

Malindi Beach Bar has a simple philosophy: To bring together all the delights of the sea in one space. Swimming, wonderful sun beds, lawns and sand, and magnificent service that ensure a drink arrives in your hand whenever you want one. Together with this, the most important is a fantastic, from an aesthetic point of view, restaurant with elegant, mostly sea flavours, for any time of the day and all tastes. And it has succeeded. It is the last addition to the Uptown Square restaurants in Limassol, which opened near the St. Rafael Hotel last autumn.
Chic, relaxed, peaceful and relaxed but at the same time lively and very trendy. It’s one of kind. If you go to a good seaside restaurant, you won’t swim in the sea, lie on the sun bed, nor enjoy any of the facilities which make a beach so much fun. If on the other hand you go swimming at an organised beach, you won’t find a decent restaurant.  Unless you go to a hotel and crowd in with its clients, battling over a sun bed and paying more than you should for the pleasure.
Malindi offers a fully organised beach with top sun beds at good prices and you can have a light snack at lunch (eg hamburger) or if you like you can choose from a fantastic sea food menu with fresh fish, shell fish and great appetisers. In the evening, the atmosphere becomes magical, Dinner al fresco with the cool sea breeze rustling in the magnificent palm trees, the sound of the waves breaking and far away the lights of the city. Choose, as I was recommended by my crowd, pickled octopus that is served in thin slices like carpaccio and melts in the mouth, marinated anchovy on a thin layer of divine potatoes (I still regret not trying the smelt pie which looked superb) and then grouper, immaculately cooked and served. Accompany this with one of the many quality wines from the wine cellar. And if you want the absolute Nirvana, you can finish your evening with a nargile – shisha.

Next to St. Rafael Hotel
Tel: 25379500

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