Dear All

I recently spend a day in Limassol and ended up for a light lunch at Dear All.

It just opened and it was the chef’s first day.

The menu was interesting but quite big which made me wonder as to when do they find the time to prepare so many options.

They serve a variety of nice smoothies, protein shakes, sandwiches, tortillas, toasts, omelettes, protein bowls, soups of the day, salads, etc.

I chose the omelette with egg whites, which was quite tasty but I was dissapointed when they served it in a plastic take away bowl. The same happened for my lountza, halloumi, ham, mozzarella, village sausage, bacon, tomato and mayonaise sanwich which we want to split but ended up eating it on a napkin. I can’t understand why they don’t use plates.

I spent some time here, ordered my food, ate and left. Both of the foods were nice but I did not like the way they were served.

I’d like to visit it again as I understand that it is in first days.

Georgiou Karaiskaki 20b, Limassol, 25 353325, Monday-Friday 08:00 – 16:00


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