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Bedroom beach bar

At this bedroom, you’ll never fall asleep. Bedroom day n’ night is situated right on the beach, and being part of the Breeze Group, a good night out is guaranteed. The haunt is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a special tapas menu, which includes Wasabi prawns, chicken kebab and grilled octopus with paprika on red lentils mash. They also serve sandwiches, burgers and various other snacks such as the classic Caesar Salad Wrap, Chimichangas chicken and burger sliders, creative salads, pasta, grilled meat dishes and platters. When the sun goes down, the beats go up at Bedroom with guest DJs setting the right mood for cocktails. There are also theme nights to spice up the week such as Mykonos Thursdays and Buddha Night Tuesdays. Open Mon-Sun 10.00-19.00.

5, Amathountos, 70005868, Limassol.


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