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Taverna Vavatsinia “Takis”

I visited the tavern Vavatsinia “Takis” on a Sunday for lunch and the place was buzzing.

A pleasant space, especially its interior room, with many Cypriot items decorating the walls and two fireplaces.

We started with a rocket and eggs dish, which I never had before and I found it delightful. We continued with koupepia and macaroni with anari which were excellent. The two kinds of souvla, chicken and pork were very tasty, as were the kleftiko and the tava. What I really loved was the kefalaki (lamb’s head). It was delicious.

The reason I will go again and again to this tavern is their excellent meze variety which contains many dips such as tahini, taramas and tzatziki. I appreciated that you can eat and drink fast here, with a friendly service in a space full of people and Mr. Takis entertaining you. He will tell you jokes with his characteristic laugh and will offer you zivania in a wooden dish with the shape of Cyprus.

Go there and you will enjoy every dish with delight. I highly recommend it.

Village Main Square Vavatsinia, Larnaca 7712, 24 342780


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