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Mukta Caфe ‘n Bar Culture

Fans of classic cocktail culture will not be disappointed at Mukta Caфe ‘n Bar Culture in Larnaca – a bar whose whole philosophy is based around experimenting with mostly classic cocktails from around the world, adding a more modern, or even creating a completely new interpretation.

For example, the classic Manhattan was made using Japanese whiskey, together with Vermouth and Shitake mushroom syrup. The cocktail is served in a special Manhattan glass, where the lip of the glass is dipped in sesame seeds and black salt.

Elsewhere, vodka is mixed with homemade traditional Asian Tom Yum soup flavored syrup, to create a Tom Yum Martini accompanied with lemonoriza. The classic Negroni – made with Peruvian Pisco – was reinforced with smoked tea and renamed the called Wild Old Fashioned Negroni.

As has come to be expected from the Mukta brand, this chain too serves only the top quality liquor, and boast shelves stocked with rare Malt whiskey, Boyrbon and Gin, as well as rums from many Caribbean islands, Latin America and beyond.

Kleanthis Kalogera 24 Larnaca. Tel: 99712117

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