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Liotati Lotier confectioneries

With years of experience, LIOTATI LOTIER confectionery is famous for its distinctive, fluffy, buttery wedding delight, for its rich range of unique chocolate treats, its traditional syrup sweets, home-made ice creams, salads, biscuits, cakes … that is, for everything! For many years now they have been offering quality pastries and confectionery products that combine tradition and pure ingredients. Therefore, LIOTATI is our first choice for the festive season. This time the favorite pastry shop has prepared many delicious Christmas sweets that will excite both young and old.

Their best seller remains the Christmas cake with lots of homemade spoon sweets in the stuffing, that make it unique. Their delicious kourabiedes with a lot of powdered sugar and their excellent biscuits and chocolates with genuine Belgian chocolate are worth a try!

Paralimni 23822999, Frenaros 23821041, Larnaca 24822042, Cyprus 77777705.

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