Blue Avocado

Did you know that avocado is fruit? Yes, yes, I know, I am shocked! And did you know that now there are blue avocados? Yes, yes, I am shocked!

The first blue avocado sprang up in Paralimni recently. It is a modern grocery store that stands out for its unique architecture and its beautiful new-vintage design. They offer an incredibly wide selection of cooked meals every noon (over 40 dishes), they make bakery products in a wood-fired oven (divine peinirli and pizzas) daily and offer the option to make your own platter either with sandwiches or crepes.

If you care for your diet, try a salad or a healthy smoothie and of course do not forget the elegant, aromatic Italian Corsini coffee. If you do not have time to enjoy their beautiful decor and delicacies on location, there is no problem because in addition to delivery, it also has drive-through.

April 1, 210



Monday-Sunday: 6:30 am – 6 pm

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