AttractionsPaphosΤhe history of Pharos in Kato Paphos

Τhe history of Pharos in Kato Paphos

The Pharos of Kato Paphos is located next to the archaeological sites of Kato Paphos near the harbour and the well-known Medieval Castle of the city. It was the first lighthouse ever built in Cyprus by the British in 1888. Its purpose was to guide seafarers to the harbour in safety at night.

Next followed the construction of the lighthouses in Cavo Greco, Agia Napa and in Cavo Kiti, Larnaka.

Pharos in Kato Paphos operates with solar energy. It has the ability to save energy for 25 days,  ensuring it can continue to operate even if there is no sun.

Its clean structure lines and strict architecture reveal its functionality. The main building material is stone, which gives the impression that Pharos is in its natural environment.

Today, Pharos is considered to be a part of our culture and attracts many tourists every year while demonstrating the important relationship of people who lived in Cyprus with the sea.

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