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Natural History Museum (The Tsirides Foundation)

The Museum of World Natural History will be charitable foundation dedicated to the study, conservation enhancement and protection of natural environment. Its foundation is based on a new approach of man with nature. Goal is the education, a new value for reintegration of human functions and economy of Nature.
The Museum will work for the promotion and preservation of our natural environment in the following ways.
Educating a number of daily visitors, especially schoolchildren.
Spreading knowledge in society through conferences, publications and exhibitions.
Developing high-tech workshops that focus on research of natural resources that sustain life: soil, water and atmosphere in relation to nutrition and health.
It collaborates with other scientific centers and institutions in Europe and the U.S. in the fields of biotechnology, soil ecology and analytical chemistry.

With dedication to education
The Museum’s educational activities will contribute to valid knowledge and in shaping environmental consciousness. They are intended for pupils, students, educators and the general public.
Apart from presentations of the site which is addressed to organized groups of visitors, the Education Department will be open for collaboration with teachers, students, volunteers, museum educators and facilitators to implement programs, children’s activities and workshops related to the subject of the Museum and have the purpose of:
familiarity with the natural environment, understanding the relationships of interdependence developed in this raise awareness of the risks to the natural environment today and enable a safeguarding direction

120Α &Β Strovolos Ave, (Entrance next to Strovolos Town Hall parking)
Τηλ: +357 22487029, 99526029
E-Mail: [email protected]
In order to visit the Museum please contact Mrs Loulla Roupina to arrange an appointment.

*In yesterday’s article we inadvertently referred to an event that has already occurred

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