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Platres Chocolate Workshop

Rated as one of the top ten ‘must visit’ places in the Cyprus Mountains by the Scandinavian Tourist Organisation (SNB) and out of the top one hundred ‘hot spots’ of the world, Cyprus Chocolates are rated at number ten by the international airport magazine ‘Aireus’.

A visit to the Platres Chocolate Workshop truly is an unforgettable experience, whether you are just tasting the free chocolate dip or taking part in one of the fun-filled chocolate making lessons – or even just purchasing the unique Cyprus Chocolates – chocolates so delicious they are enjoyed by many Heads of State including the Queen of England and her family.

‘Cyprus chocolates’, the only chocolates in the world that have the flavour of Cyprus as they contain unique Cyprus delicacies.
Olympiou Street 1
Pano Platres, Limassol, Cyprus
Opening Hours: Daily form 10:00-17:00
Tel. 0035799 766446

Courtesy of the Community Council of Platres

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